In this short video I show you the simple four step lead generation formula that we use to deliver 25 to 30 hot new qualified leads every day to our local marketing agency.

The first step in this formula that we focus on is our foot in the door offer which is responsible for increasing our sales conversions by 348% in the first two months that we introduced it.

See what I am talking about here.

STEP #1: Create Your Foot-in-the-Door Offer

FITD thumb2The first step is creating your Foot-in-the-Door offer which I highly recommend you do regardless because just this one step makes clients or prospects 15-18X more likely to buy your core services.

Once we introduced our Local SEO foot-in-the-door offer our sales conversions increased 348% in 45 days simply because this makes it a no-brainer for clients.

As you can see in the video there are a couple of important factors when you create your foot in the door offer, such as, making sure it leads logically to your core services and the value and pricing are positioned so that it’s an absolute no-brainer for the client.

STEP #2: Create Your Irresistible Lead Magnets

lead-magnetsThe second crucial step to our smart lead generation funnel is the irresistible lead magnet. This is a vital part of converting our initial traffic to opt in for our special report, video tutorial or other valuable piece of content.

This is one of those areas that you must make sure you put your best effort into because when you send traffic or prospective clients to your lead magnet landing page if they’re not interested everything stops dead in its tracks.

Make sure you keep your lead magnet short and sweet, focused on one of the biggest pain points that your clients are likely to have and always deliver your very best value in this content.

STEP #3: Build Your Smart Local Marketing Funnel

sales funnel 300Now this is where the magic happens!

The way we build our smart marketing funnel nurtures our local client prospects through our sales funnel giving them a great experience and valuable content along the way.

Once they opt in for our lead magnet they are given the opportunity to buy our foot-in-the-door offer which only a small percentage will take you up on.

But now that they are in our sales sequence we will nurture them with valuable content problem-solving ideas which all lead up to an irresistible offer that many clients will take you up on.

STEP #4: Unleash the Facebook Local Traffic Formula

LIMU - FB traffic180Now that we have our Foot in the door offer, our irresistible lead magnet and our smart marketing funnel set up, it’s time to drive traffic in the top of our  funnel.

There are many different sources you can use to drive interested local marketing prospects into your smart marketing funnel but right now Facebook is by far and away the most powerful and effective traffic generation tool that we use in our agency.

Along with a clever LinkedIn strategy, these two account for 90% of our leads and prospects turning into paid-up clients.

There are some very specific factors that make a Facebook advertising campaign effective and successful they are:

  1. You must be very vigilant and specific in your audience targeting which is a lot easier if you are going after specific vertical markets such as i.e. dentists, chiropractors, plumbers or painters etc.
  2. Your ad must grab their attention and offer a solution to one of the biggest panes that they experience. This is the only way to make sure that you engage your prospects, get their attention and get them to opt in to your lead magnet.
  3. your landing page that your local marketing prospect lands on after they click on your Facebook ad must be good and must convey the message that you have the solution to their problem and make it easy for them to say yes.

If you would like to learn how to implement your own High Converting Local Lead Funnel, then click below check out the complete step-by-step detailed training inside Local Marketing University!



Have you given up on Direct Mail or think Direct Mail doesn’t work anymore?EDDM_USPS_postcards

Before you rush to judgement, read on…

Internet marketers will use the popularity of the internet in order to make traditional methods of advertising look bad. But the truth is traditional methods work just as well as other methods of advertising, especially direct mail.

Mailing still works. People check their mail every day, just like eating, sleeping and breathing. In fact, direct mail can be even more effective than internet advertising. The competition isn’t quite as fierce, and the learning curve is much less demanding. In fact, if you use EDDM, you’re bound to find your results surprisingly positive.

What Is EDDM?

EDDM stands for Every Door Direct Mail. This program is run through the United States Post Office. It allows marketers to send mail to people. You choose the route you want the mail to be delivered to. You pay the postage online, and then take the mail down to the post office. They mail it out for you.

One great feature about EDDM is that they show you the demographics of each route in the area you select. They’ll show you the number of houses in the route, age demographics and the average annual household income. You can target routes based on the demographics you want.

Some routes have 500 houses. Other routes have 100 or less. The demographics also show the number of businesses on the routes. One route may have only 10 houses but 100 businesses. Another may have 400 houses and no businesses. Each route is different. The numbers will not ever be the same.

Routes are targeted by location. Each location has a certain number of routes on it. If you’re doing it by city, you’ll find a lot more routes. If you’re doing it by zip code, you’ll find a lot less. If you’re a local business, you may want to only target routes in your area, then branch outward.

The information is free – you don’t have to pay to access it. You only have to pay to send off your mail. You don’t get detailed information, like names or birthdates, but you get enough to make important decisions about where to send your mail.

How Much Does EDDM Cost?

It costs 17.5 cents per piece of mail. That price is surprisingly low, especially when you compare it to other direct mail prices.

The reason it’s so cheap is because you are using the post office services directly. There is no middle man. So you can get the lowest flat rate. Mailing more or less doesn’t mean that the prices will go up or down. That’s just the flat rate.

How You Can Use EDDM to Increase Sales

The EDDM page on the United States Post Office website says to create your mailing however you see fit. That means you can mail whatever you want. We’re going to tell you want to mail and how to mail it.

For starters, you want to mail out a popular format: an 8×10 post card. Those are the giant post cards that always get your attention in the mail. You’ve seen a lot of businesses use them. That’s because they work. They’re big and eye-catching. They demand attention. They’re the best thing that you can use to immediately grab a person’s attention.

The most effective offers on post cards are coupons. People love clipping coupons and saving money. So use coupons or an offer they can’t refuse.

You’ll have to have the post cards designed and printed up. You’ll probably save more money having this done online than having it done locally. Doing it locally is convenient, but if you’re looking to save, do it online. The prices are much cheaper. Sometimes you can get post cards printed for as little as a penny a card. It does depend on how much you order.

If you want to cut costs even further you can start a co-op. Get together with non competing business owners and pt offers for all of your businesses on one postcard. Each business should have a section of their own filled with offers. Then send them out to certain routes and split the costs.

The reason this works is because householders will now have a number of offers to choose from, instead of just one. Noncompeting businesses won’t have to worry about trying to make their offer better than someone else’s. There will only be one ice cream shop, one bbq joint, one spa, one car wash, one dentist, etc. on every card.

To increase interest, and sales, you may want to group similar businesses together. For example, pizza parlor may advertise next to a liquor store or an ice cream shop. A spa may advertise next to a health food store or a gym. Grouping coupons together like this will get people thinking “I can redeem this, then turn around and use this one.” It increases the chances of them visiting more than one business and spending money at all of them.

One more thing: don’t overburden your card with one type of business. You don’t want a card that only has restaurants on it, or one that only has health and spa deals on it. Use the cards to advertise a variety of businesses. You want to make sure it’s something that people want and are interested in. Try to tailor your offers to the areas you’re targeting. For example, if your route contains mostly businesses, then put out an offer that will appeal to business owners. If it’s residential, put out something that appeals to homeowners or people with families. You can mail out a post card once a month to keep a steady stream of customers coming in.

Direct mail is far from dead. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on it either. Bypass the marketing companies and do all of the work yourself. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how easy and effective it is once you put it in place.


There are no less than 1.66 Billion users active daily on Facebook. The targeting is so specific, you can even turn off ads to people who have clicked on them before. It can also be pretty inexpensive if you know what you’re facebookadvertisingdoing. No wonder it’s one of the top advertising platform for marketers.

The results of Facebook advertising can happen very quickly. It’s not unusual to see sales start after 24 hours of running an ad. As a small business owner, you can use Facebook to your advantage. Here’s how.

What About My Budget?

You may have heard Facebook advertising is expensive. It can be. But it can also be very inexpensive.

As a small business owner, we know you’re interested in saving money. The three methods we’re going to show you can save you a lot of money. This is important, especially if you’re new to Facebook. You don’t want to sink $500 in ads only to find out they didn’t work.

These methods will all cost you under $100. In some cases they can cost you as little as $20. Imagine the return you can get off of one $20 ad on Facebook.

With each of these methods you’re going to learn how to increase your reach without increasing your budget.

Using Local Awareness on Facebook

Local awareness is a type of ad that is run specifically on Facebook. It is designed to help local businesses bring in customers. It works by targeting people in your local area within a certain radius.

The logic behind local awareness is simple and two fold. For starters, people would rather go somewhere close to get what they want (or need) than somewhere far away. If you entice them with a deal, and they find out you’re in their area, they’re more than likely going to come visit you and buy from you.

Secondly, people who read an ad don’t usually click on it. That can be discouraging to someone who thinks clicks are everything. But in this case, you aren’t going for clicks. You’re going for reach.

You’re paying a few dollars per cpm (1000 impressions). What you get is the best reach available for your money. Most of the people won’t click on your ad or even like your page. But you don’t need them to do that in order to make a sale. You just need them to see the ad.

These ads are specifically designed by Facebook to be inexpensive and effective. So take advantage of them. Run one and gauge your results. You may wind up pleasantly surprised.

Using Facebook Offers

If your page is over 1 month old and you have at least 50 likes, you can use a Facebook offer to increase sales.

The option to create an offer is in your page’s timeline. To create the offer is free, but to promote it costs money.

Offers are simple to create. You just enter your offer, the expiration date and the claims limit, then submit it. Once someone claims your offer, they will be sent an email from Facebook about how to redeem the offer at your business.

This is great for two reasons. For one, you get your offer directly in front of people. For two, your offer gets people in your store, which is what you want.

If you want to run a Facebook offer but don’t meet the requirements, you can submit an appeal. I’m not exactly sure how long it takes to hear back from them, but the option is there. Alternately, you can try our third method.

Boost a Post

If you’ve read that boosting a post is a waste of time, I’m going to correct that thinking. As a small business owner, page boosts are perfect for you. If you’ve got a massive audience (over 2000 fans) then it’s probably not. But then again, if you use it the way we show you how, it may be good for any business size.

When you boost a post, you aren’t just limited to your fans. You can target certain demographics, just like an ad. Most people don’t know that. They think boosting is just for your fans. If you’re just boosting to your fans, you may be wasting money. If you target it like an ad, you’ll be getting the most out of your boost.

You can choose your demographics based on age, location, age and interest. In this case you want to target people in your local area. You can play around with the other options, but location targeting is key. This way your post will be seen by people in your local area.

What kind of post should you boost? Try one that’s talking about a product or your latest sale. You want to entice people to come into your store or contact you. If you want them to contact you, be sure to put your contact information in a boosted post.

A boosted post is extremely inexpensive. It can cost as little as $20. You can potentially reach hundreds or thousands of people with that money.

Boosted posts can run for one to seven days. The maximum amount of days it can run is seven. I’d recommend that you run a post as long as you can afford to run it. Make sure the post is applicable for at least that amount of time. You don’t want a post about a sale running after it has expired.

Make sure all of your posts abide by Facebook’s Advertising Guidelines. These posts need to be approved. Sometimes they will be approved but then you’ll find out later they’ve been cancelled. If they’ve been canceled, it’s usually because they violated the guidelines in some way.

Facebook is a great advertising platform. Now small and local businesses have the chance to increase their audience with just a small budget. Make sure you implement at least one of these this week. Once you see your first sale, you’ll want to make it a regular part of your advertising.



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