Our Local Marketing Secret Weapon Revealed!

I was thinking the other day it’s about time I revealed our Local Marketing “Secret Weapon” so you can see first-hand how we reached 7 figures so quickly!

It’s not that Chris and I are so lucky or things just fell our way…Absolutely not!local marketing secret-weapon

There’s one MAJOR tool that we’ve been using in our local marketing agency that has single-handedly EXPLODED our sales, Clients and Marketing results beyond anything we could have wished for.

Here an example of our sales tracking over the 6 months that rocketed our revenues from a pretty flat lined $12,500 per month to $62,790 per month thanks to this insanely powerful system.


local marketing sales growth

Why is This So Powerful?

If you know me then you’ll understand that I’ve been doing Local online marketing for years and when Chris and I decided to launch our new Local Marketing Agency, we said to each other “it’s time to turn Local Offline Marketing on it’s Head”!

No playing around, No doing the usual stuff everyone else does, and NO using the crappy cheap tools and half baked things that populate this market!

You can count on one hand the decent tools that are available in the Local Internet marketing space, and even then there’s NOTHING to run the business properly without Cobbling together bits and pieces.

If you’re going to build a lucrative, successful business you HAVE to put great systems in place that allow you to automate, systematize and manage all the Time-Sucking busy work so YOU can focus on sales and growing the company.

Enter the Turn-Key Local Marketing “Secret Weapon”

2 Years and a cool couple of hundred thousand dollars later we unleashed the Secret New System on our Marketing company and “BOOM”!

Within the first week everything started taking off..

We were literally 300% more efficient in just a few short days with our team members able to handle up to 30 clients each now instead of 7 or 8. This was worth around $15,000 in the first month alone!

We now had more than DOUBLE the free time to focus on sales and marketing! (This is the #1 killer of Local Marketing Start-ups)!

Mind Blowing Ranking System and Checklist

One of the MASSIVE advantages this system gives you over any competitor and gives you the CONFIDENCE to know you can Rank them locally is our unique and proprietary Local Ranking Formula and Checklist system.

Chris is among the top handful of Genuine SEO Masters with a CV so impressive it’s embarrassing for most so called SEO guys and with his technical and SEO genius we developed the first Fool-Proof Local Ranking system that anyone could use from day one and know the results will come.

With this awesome system you don’t have to wade through hours of training or try to keep up with the latest Google Places updates because we’ve done it all for you.

Your outsource team or workers can be productive and making money from DAY ONE because this system is so easy and fool-proof!

That’s just a small part of what this amazing system does and why Local Marketers who are lucky enough to have access to this Secret Weapon are growing their businesses over 240% faster than those who don’t!

Click on this image to see Chris and I demonstrate this Mind Blowing Technology!

Local marketing secret weapon

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