Video Genesis – 34 Fatal Video Mistakes Most People Make

I laughed and I cried while watching this killer “Video Genesis – 34 Fatal Video Mistakes Most People Make” first launch Video from Andy Jenkins & Mike Filsaime!

Laughed because it’s genuinely funny (if you like Andy’s type of humor, which I do).

It’s also sad when you realize how many No-No’s and ahem’ mistakes we often make when doing marketing videos.

Andy is no doubt the PRO (He’s an Emmy award winner for editing) when it comes to producing AWESOME video and this new Video Genesis one is no exception!

I was lucky enough to see some of the pre-production content of Video Genesis and I can tell you your videos will never be the same after watching this!

Watch it here…

video genesis

What I love about the way Andy and Mike present this first Video Genesis installment is they walk you through the TOP 34 most common Video Mistakes AND Andy goes over each one to explain what’s wrong and how to fix it.

If you have Video Boss like I do then you’ll know how amazing Andy Jenkins training is on Video and having seen some of what’s in this new Video Genesis training I can say it’s killer!

Production is Cool but the MESSAGE is What Sells Stuff!

Most of us love sweet looking production and these days many of us expect Videos to look pretty good, BUT it’s the MESSAGE that sells stuff.Video boss

When Video Boss came out in 2010 it literally transformed our Video Marketing for our own Local marketing Agency AND the results we got for local clients.

Video Boss was incredible with all the detail on creating killer productions but the single BIGGEST impact on our video marketing conversion and effectiveness was the formulas for writing GREAT scripts and messages.

If you want to improve your ability to sell products and services with Video then Video Genesis is going to transform your results because Andy is going to show you exactly how to craft killer video scripts along with the RIGHT type of video for different selling situations.

There’s more focus in Video Genesis on creating great messages that sell your stuff and exactly how to grab attention quickly hooking people in and keeping them watching while you deliver your message.

video genesis review

The BEST News About Video Genesis!

Now if you remember Video Boss when it was launched came out at $2000 and not everyone could afford that price tag, yet for us it resulted in high 6 figures ROI!

Well you are going to love what they are doing with the price of Video Genesis… It’s going to be a fraction of what Video Boss was AND it’s no cut down version, being a Video Boss owner I can tell you Video Genesis is all new stuff with the latest training on the things that matter.

Coming up I’ll be showing you how you can use Video Genesis to land more clients than you ever have before AND offer some simple Video Marketing services like we do and charge high fees in the thousands per month.

ALSO check out the Optin page they have created for Video Genesis… What do you think of the background, it’s controversial you could say!


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