Google Places Optimization Maximizing Citations

If you’re trying to get top Google places rankings for your clients, you are going to love this strategy session today!

In this short tutorial I’ll show you one of the tools that is helping us dominate Google Places (local), by maximizing the citations we build for clients.

Like most Local Marketers who do Google Places for clients or manage ANY accounts, you’ll no doubt appreciate how much of a PAIN it is to look after them especially if you’re doing the excel hell thing!

Accounts get messed up and overwritten, not to mention trying to validate them to make sure they (the citations) actually are done correctly, because if not then it’s a TOTAL waste of time.

The solution to this annoying but CRITICAL function is the simple system we designed in the Video below.



Accurate Citations are absolutely VITAL otherwise they are useless and add no value.

With the click of a button you can validate all your accounts and citations to maximize their effectiveness to help your clients rank.

One of the biggest challenges we had as a Local Marketing agency doing Local SEO and Google Places for Clients is making sure all the local listings were perfectly completed and maintained in this working state… All it takes is the smallest difference in the NAP (name, address phone) and the listing is dead in Google’s eyes.

Along with reviews and testimonials, the extensive power this tool gives us has seen all our clients make rapid gains over the past 3 months and easily knock off a lot of the competition who are now struggling to maintain their Google Places rankings with all the changes!

Integration with Brightlocal, Belisted and Whitespark

I often get the question about “what if I already use a local listing service such as Brightlocal, Whitespark or Belisted?”

Local Oxygen allows integration with Brightlocal, Belisted and Whitespark so you can manage all your accounts in one place and report on them seamlessly.

If you want to take advantage of this awesome tool then grab a FREE trial while it’s available… Guarantee you will transform your local marketing business!


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