How to Optimize your Email Marketing for Mobile Devices

I heard it again the other day from someone I though would know better… “Email Marketing is dead”!email-marketing-on-mobile

If anyone ever says to you that email marketing is dead, don’t take any notice of them because it’s a load of rubbish! Email is the center point of all our accounts online, everything goes through email!

These stupid statements are a big part of the reason so many people keep chasing the shiny new objects thinking the old stuff doesn’t work so they need new ticks all the time.

This kills a LOT of new online businesses and and online marketing careers constantly chasing the NEW Thing!

I still generate the BIGGEST commissions and pay days from email marketing campaigns from simple profit share deals and promotions for clients. It certainly ain’t dead in the Local Marketing space.

Optimizing Your Email Marketing for Mobile

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t update our skills, techniques and methods such as optimizing our email marketing for Mobile phones and other devices.

In fact, mobile optimization is becoming more important than ever as the proliferation of mobile devices outpaces personal computers. In fact according to Litmus, mobile users account for more than 43% of email engagement.

Mobile engagement is here now, it’s not something we should be watching out for in the future.

It’s here now and if that doesn’t get you moving toward mobile optimization, nothing

Use Mobile Optimization to Land New Clients

Most local businesses do a poor job of utilizing email (if at all!) and they are missing out on a HUGE income stream because of it.

This is where you can help bring them up to date and demonstrate your expertise by showing mobile optimization for email on Mobile devices and how to exploit it!

Most email list providers offer mobile friendly templates, and responsive templates. So, there isn’t really any excuse for not making it a point to always use mobile friendly templates, and mobile friendly responsive design when given the chance.

Design your emails and websites for mobile first, then it will naturally look great on a bigger screen too, or use responsive design that detects which size of screen the user is using and delivers a design that is appropriate.

By providing a good experience for all your users, regardless of what device they’re using to access your information you will increase your transaction rates. You’ll get more opens, more click-throughs, and more purchases if you make mobile optimization for your email marketing an imperative.

Make the users experience is friendly all the way by optimizing

Imagine 43 percent of your customers trying to click through to your sales page or your clients via a mobile device and then not being able to read it. Will they go home and do it later? No. They won’t. So, you’ve missed out on sales due to your lack of mobile optimization.

“In fact, one study suggests that up to 75 percent of email recipients in the USA simply delete emails that aren’t optimized for mobile.”

This means that not only should your emails be optimized for mobile but all your online real estate should be optimized for mobile. You want every aspect of your user’s experience to be optimized for mobile from the emails, to the landing pages, to the websites, to the shopping cart.

You only get one shot to impress customers and potential customers before they delete you. This fact makes it an imperative to deliver information to your readers that is optimized for mobile at all times.

From email to the final transaction, everything needs to be optimized for

Check with your web designer and your email list provider to find out how you can make all your online real estate optimized for mobile. If you use WordPress for your websites it should be as simple as switching templates to one that is responsive over one that is not.

If you use any number of email list services from Aweber to MailChimp they offer email templates that are optimized for mobile as well as responsive. Simply start choosing responsive or mobile optimized over anything else from now on.

Don’t forget to use your own mobile device to try out the experience to ensure that the user experience is top notch. Testing is an important part of marketing.

You can test by trying it out yourself, and by sending out surveys to your audience asking them directly what they think. Customers appreciate being asked and will respond well to your efforts to improve their experience.

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