The Top Ten Free Social Media Monitoring Tools to help you Acheive More

In order to get the most out of using social media as a marketing tool it’s essential to find an effective way to listen to your audience. This means analyzing social media monitoring toolsinformation coming through social media to better understand potential customers and streamline marketing strategies.

When considering the best tool for your needs it can be useful to try out some of the free tools to see which type is the best fit.

The free social media monitoring tools will give you good information at a glance helping you towards a more comprehensive approach to optimizing social media for your business through Local Oxygen.

Getting started with the most effective free tool will depend on your needs. Here is a look at the best zero cost social media monitoring tools available.

1. TweetDeck is a free monitoring tool focused on the needs of the Twitter account user. This one is an option that is perfect for those at a beginner level of social media involvement. This tool can be used to send out prescheduled tweets. In addition this tool is useful for keeping track of all conversations, messages and interactions on Twitter. This free tool is capable of monitoring more than one Twitter account and can keep track of hashtags. The downside of this tool is that due to infrequent updates it tends to have problems with glitches or bugs.


2. IceRocket is a cool tool designed to monitor Blogs, Facebook and Twitter in over fifteen different languages. The results that come displayed in a graphed report can be customized to your preferences. This tool can also be set to per-scheduled blocks of time for your monitoring needs. IceRocket has the ability to report on all blogging activity.

The IceRocket Blog database includes close to 200 million blogs which makes it a great source for narrowing down trending terms related to your business.


3. HowSociable has a free account that has the ability to track up to twelve social media websites. These social media sites include WordPress and Tumblr. The information displayed through HowSociable is displayed in a scorecard fashion to compare which social media sites are working well for your business needs and which ones are scoring low on performance.


4. Addictomatic provides an overview of any particular brand through a wide assortment of social media platforms including: Twitter, Google,, YouTube, Flickr, Bing News, Delicious and more. This tool is best at helping you keep track on the reputation of a brand name or get updates on the most recent developments within the industry.


5. Hootsuite is a great time management tool when monitoring major social media accounts such as: Google +, Foursquare, Twitter, Linkedin, WordPress and Facebook. The report created each week to display information is useful along with the management tool intended to help delegate responsibilities to more than one worker managing the social media account activity.


6. Klout is a social media tool that tends to be either a perfect fit or the complete opposite. Some claim that the interaction with Klout is cumbersome and near impossible to navigate while others feel that Klout is useful and effective. Some feel that the scoring measures used by Klout are inaccurate and others feels that Klout offers an accurate and helpful measure of how potential customer perceive your brand.

Influence of the brand is tracked based on Twitter engagement allowing you to customize posts based more on what is interesting and engaging to your niche market.


7. TweetReach is a tool focused on how far each tweet manages to travel. This means that TweetReach can detect whether or not your tweets are being talked about in related social media conversations. This helps to target your social media followers with the most influence. The influential followers become a great asset to promoting relevant content on the Internet.


8. Social Mention is a popular tool capable of monitoring more than one hundred different sites for social media. This tool is one of the most popular free social media monitoring tools. Social Mention analyzes all data more than one dimensionally based on four distinct categories: Reach, Strength, Passion and Sentiment.


9. Twazzup is another good free social media monitoring tool for the beginning social media user. It is as simple as entering information on the name you want to get information about. When the name is entered, real-time tracking updates are reported. This information includes top retweeted images or links as well as the top keywords relevant to the targeted search. Twazzup also offers tracking reports on the people who are following and influencing the social media sites related to your business the most.


10. SocialPointer is a free tool that specializes in Monitoring & Listening to mentions and conversations of your company brand or clients brands. Social pointer also lets you respond & engage them in real-time which can be a huge advantage when there is a lot of chatter about and lets you jump on the negative conversations.


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