Why Local Businesses Must Be Found on Mobile Devices to be competitive

Mobile growth is nothing short of extraordinary and set to quickly overtake PC numbers and traffic which says pretty plainly, if you’re a local business you better get your act together to be found on mobile devices… NOW!

“The infographic below highlights some of the KEY points why being found on a mobile device is not an option now but CRITICAL!”

According to a Google Mobile Movement Study, “88% of consumers who search for a type of local business on a mobile device call or go to that business within 24 hours.”

Think about that stat just for a bit and REALLY let it sink in! Almost 9 out of every 10 people CALL or GO TO a local business when looking up on their Mobile Device… These people are BUYERS!

I know for myself and most of our team at Local Oxygen that when we look for stuff on the iPhone for example we’re in action mode, meaning I’m out and looking for a place or I just remembered something to buy or and appointment to make.

Mobile searches for local business are a very different mindset to desktop PC, and the Google stats prove that without a shadow of a doubt the businesses who show up first on mobile devices will get the BUSINESS FIRST!

Here are a few of the key points in the infographic to take note of…

70% of smartphone users use their mobile device while shopping in-store.

With so many consumers using their mobile devices in-store it presents the business owner with a golden opportunity to connect AND capture customers social info along with options to subscribe to the store email for extra special deals etc.

What you want to do is display social media profile information prominently in the store and make it very easy to connect. For example you could use a QR code to get customers to go to your email subscription form or use the Facebook one click subscribe.

50% of smartphone users use local maps to find retail locations.

I know I do this all the time when out seeing Clients or just out and about, I’ll often check out a local eatery for a meal and like most folks it’s the listing in the top with good reviews and 4 or more stars.

79% of smartphone users have used their device for shopping related activities.

There’s no doubt a LOT of people are now using their Mobile devices more and more to check out what to buy even when at home. I know I do. It’s just easier to quickly grab the iPad or iPhone when something pops into the mind rather than go to my office and jump on the computer.

I see my wife do this all the time now and rarely does she use the PC to check out things to buy, and that is the perfect example of why this is VITAL for local businesses!
Check out the Infographic below and if you’re a Local Business then take heed… If you’re a Local Marketer then use the info and stats to build your presentation and educate clients.

why-your-business-needs-to-be-found-on-mobile-devicesInfographic by Market Domination Media

If you’re looking for more clients then Mobile Marketing and creating Mobile optimized websites for local businesses is an excellent Foot-in-the-Door strategy.

They are easy to sell because the benefits are obvious, simple and clear. When a client sees their normal website compared to the optimized Mobile site it’s night and day. You can do it cheaply and Clients GET how important it is when you show them the stats and info like in this infographic.

Like to learn HOW to land Clients with a simple and effective Mobile Marketing Foot-in-the-Door strategy?

Check out the blueprint inside our Local Marketing University.

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