Get More Clients using the Irresistible foot-in-the-door formula and Dudamobile Mobile Websites

If you’ve been in Local Marketing for any length of time you probably know how getting your foot in the door with some local businesses can be a big challenge foot in the doorand one that can seriously hold you back.

So today I thought I would share some of the best foot-in-the-door strategies (such as Dudamobile) that have helped us land many deals and get more clients that would otherwise have probably resisted our offers.

One of the things that makes these foot in the door formulas so effective is the fact that they are a very low barrier to entry, so in other words they are very hard to say no to if done correctly.

Keep in mind that the whole idea with the foot in the door formula is offering a service or a solution to a local business that is simple, cheap and easy that leads to other services and packages where you can scale up your marketing efforts and fees.

Let me illustrate exactly what I mean here…

The example I am using here is our mobile marketing foot in the door formula where we offer very low cost but effective mobile websites for clients using great services such as Dudamobile to create these sites quickly and cheaply which allows us to make easy sales.
The point here is that we are not trying to make a lot of money from these front end foot in the door services and offers. Its primary objective is to make it almost impossible for a prospective client to say no to and let us demonstrate how valuable we are to the clients.

Once we have proven ourselves and established credibility and authority with the clients we then begin our local oxygen sales and service upgrade funnel adding new services and packages.

Let’s talk about how we use Dudamobile for our mobile website foot in the door formula.

Why do we use Dudamobile?

The reasons we love Dudamobile are simple…

  • Their system is easy to use
  • We don’t need to pay for web designers
  • You can simply plug in a URL to demonstrate what the client’s site will look like in mobile format.
  • It’s really cheap allowing you to charge minimum prices to get the sale (the whole idea of foot in the door services)!

The foot in the door formula and strategy

Rule number one with these strategies is you must remember that the true value is in the service expansion funnel and not just selling mobile websites.

**Sure you can make reasonable income from Mobile Sites, however it’s a commodity now and unless you can scale it BIG and automate/delegate most of the operations, you will struggle to hit six figures with this alone!

Step #1. Create a list of prospects to target who don’t currently have an optimized mobile website and to demonstrate the capacity and potential to require client listexpanded and additional services.

*Tip: One of my favorite places to find prospects for this foot in the door formula is Groupon. If you think about it, all the businesses who are doing Groupon deals and offers are crazy if they don’t have a mobile optimized website, and since they are spending money on these offers it makes perfect sense to have a mobile site.

You can also target specific local niche markets such as restaurants, dentists, chiropractors, real estate agents, auto dealers plus many more as an example.

The main thing we are looking for here are businesses that people tend to look up on their mobile phone which nowadays is becoming just about every local business.

*Selling tip: look around online for facts and figures on the massive growth of local business searches done on mobile devices. This type of third-party data is massively influential and persuasive to local business owners.

( is a great resource for the latest facts and figures like this)

Step #2: now that you have your list of local business prospects, it’s time to contact them with an offer they can’t refuse.

Now there are a number of different ways to contact potential clients, such as dropping in to their business and showing them in person. I recommend hiring commission sales people for this.mobilesite-before-after

The video review formula: This is where I do a quick screen capture demonstration of what their site looks like before and after with the mobile optimised website. This works extremely well but can be time-consuming so you need a good prospect list.

The eye-jot e-mail strategy, where I will create a generic video showing a nondescriptive before and after mobile optimised site and send this out to all my prospects.

The point here is if you have an irresistible offer and one that clients can’t say no to then as long as you can get their attention, you will get a good number of sales.

If you are visiting prospective clients in person then you can simply use the Dudamobile quick URL field and put their standard website in there to show them in person. Just be careful with this is that they don’t see the Dudamobile branding.

Step #3: Now assuming that you’ve made some sales, it’s time to dazzle your new clients and really over deliver, because the key to this foot in the door formula working the way we want it to is making sure your new clients are very happy with every thing and will be open to upgrading and expanding services.

Step #4: Once you have a very happy customer or raving fans as I like to call them, it’s now time to put these clients into the service and packages expansion funnel.

You can see an example of how we implement this sales and marketing funnel inside our local oxygen agency by clicking local client sales funnelhere where I show you how we maximize the lifetime value of all our clients.

There are a number of foot in the door formulas that we use at local oxygen and in upcoming posts I’ll share with you some of those that are working extremely well right now.

That being said, the mobile optimised website is one of my favourites because having a service like Dudamobile makes it so easy and cost-effective to implement the strategies.

Not only that, but with the massive and humongous growth of mobile devices, every business regardless of how big or small, who they are or what they sell, absolutely need to have a mobile optimized website.

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