How to Get New Clients on Facebook

facebook-marketingAs part of our Facebook marketing series I’m showing you the different ways we use Facebook in our Agency to generate leads, get new clients and drive business for our clients.

In this short local Marketing tutorial I go over one of my favorite ways to get more Clients using Facebook.

This is one of our quick free ways to uncover great prospects and works very well if you take a little time to target the right local clients.

When you know how to find the right prospects and what things to look for you’ll be amazed how many Local clients are there ripe for the picking!

How to get more clients is always our #1 question and the biggest roadblock for so many local marketers so we’re always trying to find bigger and better ways.

If you want to learn all the Client Getting methods that we use in our thriving agency then come check out Local Oxygen and see the awesome Local Marketing University we built for you inside!

local marketing university

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