How to Avoid the #1 Fatal Local Marketing Mistake

This is THE #1 FATAL Mistake most Local Marketers make and will have the BIGGEST impact on whether you build a serious 6-7 Figure Local Marketing business, or end up slaving away working with BROKE Clients like the majority do!

Whatever you do DON’T skip this stuff, if you don’t have clients yet or are struggling to land new clients or the right type then this is critical to your business.

MOST local marketers are NOT Operating as TRUE consultants and I explain why in the following Whiteboard Strategy Session.

I know this gets some folks offside thinking I’m being too critical, but I’m deadly serious and in MOST cases it’s NOT your Fault!

Why do you think more than 87% of people who try to build a local marketing business fail to get the results they want? Fail to get enough Clients and Fail to make enough money?

It’s because they are making the same mistakes as everyone else… Following the same bad advice as everyone else… and looking like every other Offline Marketer (WSO addict anyone?).

The True Local Marketing Consultant vs. the Commodity Services Provider


Just about every Offline marketer looks like every OTHER Offline marketer! To a local Business owner you all look the same… So they shop on PRICE.

There are so many dangers with this type of business model and basing it on tactics, that it will prevent you getting clients, lower your fees and make you lose clients when they get offered better deals!

Our FIRST Objective is to turn YOU into a powerful marketing partner for the local business. Someone they CANNOT live without and NOT a commodity that they can shop around for and DUMP you when they find a lower prices.

How To Turn $500pm Clients into $5,000pm

One of the biggest and most dramatic changes in my business was when I stopped doing commodity type work and focused on outcome or results services and exactly what the business needs.

This is what I call the 10X Client Profit Hacks that increase revenues by a factor of 10X.

The awesome news is you DON’T have to be a world class expert at any of these services and skill sets to get amazing results for clients and have them totally depend on you.

For example I introduced 3 simple tweaks to our Dental clients sales funnel that increased new patient treatment acceptance by 63% which results in tens of thousands in monthly fees for the Dentists.

In the Local Consulting Class I’ll teach you the exact steps and give you the blueprints to copy for these incredibly effective sales funnels, plus a host of other example campaigns.

Here is a quick example of just a few profit generating services you can provide to 10X your clients!

Big point to keep in mind here is local businesses generally suck at all of these things so just implementing them can boost leads, sales and customers dramatically. Remember these markets are NOT internet marketing so even basic skills work wonders!

  • Landing Pages
  • Squeeze Pages
  • Email Marketing
  • List building
  • Website Content
  • Marketing/Sales Funnels
  • Conversion Strategies
  • Analytics
  • Copywriting
  • Etc.

As you can see there is not one typical local marketing tactic such as Local SEO, Google Places, Mobile Sites etc.

That’s because we are going to learn to Consult and Diagnose the current marketing state of the business and NOT sell them a service they may or may not need.

Think Local Marketing doctor!

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