How to Properly Optimize your website for Local SEO

If you’re looking at building a new website for your local business or like to update your current one, this excellent infographic will show you how to make it Super Optimized for Google!local-seo

For most business owners and the majority of designers, it’s a real challenge to know exactly how to lay out and properly optimize your website for Local SEO.

NOTE: If you’re doing Local Adwords and PPC for Clients then we need a different more tailored landing page specific for sending people from Google Adwords or Facebook, don’t ever just send folks to the home page or any old internal page when doing PPC.

We deal with thousands of local businesses here at Local Oxygen and one of the very first things we need to fix is the clients website to maximize all the other local marketing optimization we do!

You’ll find there’s a ton of info about Google+ Local optimization but not a whole lot about building and planning Local SEO sites.

Well I was just about to create easy guide to help you build highly optimized local business website but thanks to the guys I don’t have to.

Here’s a couple of things we do a bit differently that you can choose to use if you like.

  1. We always make the PRIMARY function of all our sites to get the lead. i.e. everything is about getting the customer to call or subscribe, so one thing we do is maximize the phone number to make it jump out.
  2. Make a BIG focus on offering a great LEAD Magnet to get people to optin to the email list.
  3. Along with cities served we also make sure to include services offered including the G+ categories and next highest value keywords. Be careful here to make it natural and NOT keyword stuffing!
  4. When using the Testimonials, make sure you use the Google Review embed method that I share here.



Local SEO infographic by

This is definitely a good design layout for Local SEO and gives you a simple blueprint to follow.

Once you have the basics in place then you can really focus on getting the conversions by following the 5 point plan we have in the Local Marketing University.

This will make the site do what it’s supposed to. Remember all the traffic in the world is useless if it doesn’t convert into leads and sales!

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