Local Internet Marketing – How to Generate Leads Every day

In this short video I show you the simple four step lead generation formula that we use to deliver 25 to 30 hot new qualified leads every day to our local marketing agency.

The first step in this formula that we focus on is our foot in the door offer which is responsible for increasing our sales conversions by 348% in the first two months that we introduced it.

See what I am talking about here.

STEP #1: Create Your Foot-in-the-Door Offer

FITD thumb2The first step is creating your Foot-in-the-Door offer which I highly recommend you do regardless because just this one step makes clients or prospects 15-18X more likely to buy your core services.

Once we introduced our Local SEO foot-in-the-door offer our sales conversions increased 348% in 45 days simply because this makes it a no-brainer for clients.

As you can see in the video there are a couple of important factors when you create your foot in the door offer, such as, making sure it leads logically to your core services and the value and pricing are positioned so that it’s an absolute no-brainer for the client.

STEP #2: Create Your Irresistible Lead Magnets

lead-magnetsThe second crucial step to our smart lead generation funnel is the irresistible lead magnet. This is a vital part of converting our initial traffic to opt in for our special report, video tutorial or other valuable piece of content.

This is one of those areas that you must make sure you put your best effort into because when you send traffic or prospective clients to your lead magnet landing page if they’re not interested everything stops dead in its tracks.

Make sure you keep your lead magnet short and sweet, focused on one of the biggest pain points that your clients are likely to have and always deliver your very best value in this content.

STEP #3: Build Your Smart Local Marketing Funnel

sales funnel 300Now this is where the magic happens!

The way we build our smart marketing funnel nurtures our local client prospects through our sales funnel giving them a great experience and valuable content along the way.

Once they opt in for our lead magnet they are given the opportunity to buy our foot-in-the-door offer which only a small percentage will take you up on.

But now that they are in our sales sequence we will nurture them with valuable content problem-solving ideas which all lead up to an irresistible offer that many clients will take you up on.

STEP #4: Unleash the Facebook Local Traffic Formula

LIMU - FB traffic180Now that we have our Foot in the door offer, our irresistible lead magnet and our smart marketing funnel set up, it’s time to drive traffic in the top of ourĀ  funnel.

There are many different sources you can use to drive interested local marketing prospects into your smart marketing funnel but right now Facebook is by far and away the most powerful and effective traffic generation tool that we use in our agency.

Along with a clever LinkedIn strategy, these two account for 90% of our leads and prospects turning into paid-up clients.

There are some very specific factors that make a Facebook advertising campaign effective and successful they are:

  1. You must be very vigilant and specific in your audience targeting which is a lot easier if you are going after specific vertical markets such as i.e. dentists, chiropractors, plumbers or painters etc.
  2. Your ad must grab their attention and offer a solution to one of the biggest panes that they experience. This is the only way to make sure that you engage your prospects, get their attention and get them to opt in to your lead magnet.
  3. your landing page that your local marketing prospect lands on after they click on your Facebook ad must be good and must convey the message that you have the solution to their problem and make it easy for them to say yes.

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