Crushing it With Offline Goldmine!

This post is a bit longer than I planned but do yourself a favor and read all of it because it just may change your life like it did my buddy Steve!

It’s funny to see all this talk about “Offline Consulting” and some of the products that are coming out at the moment.

I have to laugh when I see people make statements like “this is the easiest business to get started and make a fortune online”, yeah right!

It is painfully obvious that 95%+ of these people don’t really do offline consulting or make their majority of income from working with local business, as someone who has been doing the Offline Goldmine business for over 10 years, it’s real easy to spot.

So a word of caution…. don’t believe a lot of it

Just looking over some of the mind maps and info will make your head spin, I mean you better know a lot about marketing offline business.

Not many people know that I helped my first offline business get online way back in August 1995, they were a lingerie manufacturer (not the worst business to start with), but seriously they need an Internet provider and that’s what we sold as a reseller, the manager was ahead of her time back then, she saw visions of selling direct off a website!

If only she knew how much money that was going to turn into!

All we did was set up an online catalogue mailed her customers to go look at the new website and range of goods.

Now of course not everyone had a computer, however the ones that did, surely bought some product and the rest they say is history…

We knew this was a big winner back then but the sale was tough because online was newish and not that many people had computers and internet.

The beauty for us was being the local inernet reseller and every time I would set up a new business customer with internet I laid the you’ve gotta get online routine on ’em.

We’ve Been Crushing it With the Offline Goldmine since!

Offline consulting and getting leads for local business has been an amazing goldmine for a long time and to be totally straight with you I was never going to reveal how our Offline Goldmine system works, I mean why would you?

All these years we’ve been cleaning up in the local business markets I really did’t think most online marketer folks would be interested in working with local offline business.

Well about 12 months ago a very close friend Steve got to talking about how he had been trying to get an online business going for ages.

Sitting doing some local keyword research I get a call around 11:30pm on a Monday night; it was Steve who was ringing in sheer desperation and admitted to me that he was struggling BIG TIME, I mean in debt to the tune of $13,000, he was up to 7 months now desperately trying to earn a wage online!


“Steve why has it taken you this long to tell me”?

Pride and embarrassment I guess, I didn’t want to ask for help.

To cut a long story short, once I knew Steve was in this mess I offered to show him the ropes of the Offline Goldmine System if he was interested in dealing with local business…

“Hell yeah”? Was his reply I think.

Now I had been doing consulting to offline local business for years and as you could imagine that’s not easy to pass on in a short amount of time, so I had to come up with the simplest and quickest ways to get the Offline Goldmine system making money for him.

Over the next 3 weeks I put together a three phase system to get Steve Clients and making a full time income online.

Within the first week we had two clients lined up (no cheating, they weren’t my referals), these clients were brand new people that Steve secured himself.

I did help him set up the lead capture for the first client only, after that I told him he’s on his own, I’ve got too many clients. Of course this makes you get on top of the game and get it done when you don’t have someone else to rely on.

It’s an understatement to say within 7 weeks Steve was crushing it! I mean from making less than $20 a day trying to sell Click Bank affilate products to over $600 a day, with 15 clients charging them $1,275 per month for the ranking rental system.

Underground Offline Dominator Persuaded to Reveal Years of Marketing Secrets

No kidding once Steve got on his feet and started consistently cranking out a 6 figure income, he was on my case non stop to create a full blown Offline Goldmine market domination training course to help other internet marketers who are struggling or just want to make a lot more money than they are.

I had plenty of excuses not to; “I’ve got too many clients” and “It’ll take me too long to create with how much experience and info I have”!

Well you know when someoneĀ  pesters you enough, you just have to say yes:-)

Thanks to Steve the Offline Goldmine Market Domination system is getting close to completion and if your one of the many internet marketers who are struggling to make the money you want on a consistent basis and build a REAL 6 figure business, then this may well be your ticket.

I’ve got a ton of super valuable tips and shortcuts to help you get earning serious money with offline business.

Don’t worry I show you the easiest ways to get a ton of clients fighting to give you their money and have you get customers for THEM and NOT the competition!

Yours for Offline Profits


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