Rise of the Undead: Making Sure Local SEO Is In Your Marketing Plan

Remember when SEO was big? We do too; in fact, that’s how many of us got started in this whole digital marketing field! Recent trends, however, have seen a decided shift local-seofrom traditional SEO in favor of local and content strategies.

Well, we’re here to tell you: don’t put away that SEO hat just yet!

SEO may not be the pinnacle of any digital marketing plan anymore. But it has a very important place within any local marketing plan (or any marketing plan).

Local SEO is crucial for getting your business into those directories that thousands upon thousands search. Without SEO, your local business is likely missing out on that extra juice that on-page optimization offers. Did we also mention that traditional link building isn’t dead? What better way for people to find you than via a partner’s site they already visit?

Convinced? Good. Because we’re going to outline a few quick ways you can get your local marketing SEO back up and off to a good start.

(Want some more in-depth tips? Garrett Mehrguth‘s 5-Day Game Plan for Improving Local SEO should help you out!)

  1. Reviews

We’ve talked about how to embed Google review tools onto your website to make reviewing easier. What we haven’t talked about is the fact that reviews are crucial to your search engine placement.

But reviews are crucial not just on Yelp. Google and Facebook both take reviews into account when displaying businesses. It only takes seven reviews for those gold starts to start displaying under your business’s name on Google.

So how many do you really need? The answer, as Garrett Mehrguth so eloquently puts: at least one more than your competitor.

  1. Keyword and On-Page Optimization

This might be a bit early 2000s, but on-page optimization isn’t dead. It’s just that you need to start focusing on the local part of your keyword.

Using Google Webmaster Tools is just one part of the process though. Mehrguth, once again, outlines what else you should be doing more succinctly than we can state.

  • Each page only gets one keyword. Keyword stuffing is so 2004.

  • Each landing page has a keyword and location in the URL, title, and H1.

  • Talk about locally relevant content on your local pages. If you are a donut shop in San Juan Capistrano, CA, talk about the Swallow’s Day Parade and things that Google associates with your area. If you need help finding out what these are, look at the Wikipedia page for your city, and see what is associated with your town.

  1. Local Listings

It’s not that Yelp and Facebook aren’t important. It’s just that the more directories you’re in, the more chances there is for Google and others to find you. There are many ways to find these industry specific sites to put your business listing on and numerous ways, as BrightLocal shows, to find directories.

Here at Local Oxygen, we can do this part for you or help get you started with UBL list. Easy, convenient, and it just needs that NAP we keep going on about (name, address, phone number).

  1. Partner Up

Remember when we said some traditional methods aren’t dead? Consider partnering up. Cross promotion and link sharing can net rewards for both of you.

Even better? Google sees your name appearing elsewhere on the web. It’s not just about having the most optimized site or the most listings, after all. You’ve got to have people talking about you as well.

  1. Local Content

Take advantage of what makes your town unique. From a flower festival to a local parade, there’s no better way to make your brand relevant than to write about what’s going on in your area.

Content doesn’t always have to be (and never entirely should be, if we’re honest) a sales pitch. People value relevant, useful information so why not be that relevant and useful source? And when that event does coincide with what you do? It’s easy enough to add a plug or two in!

So what are you waiting for? SEO isn’t dead. In fact, it could be helping you right this second not just with your search engine optimization but also with your sales. Get out there and get optimizing!

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