Internet Marketing – What Would I do if I had to Start Again!

I am often asked what I would do if all of my businesses were shut down tomorrow and I had to start from scratch, what business model and what online marketing strategy would I choose to get going the fastest.

My answer is always the same!

I would without doubt I would rip into the off-line goldmine system and go get a few clients which would have me back on track and up to a full-time income very quickly, not only that but recurring every month.

Really there are three major reasons why the off-line goldmine system would be the first thing I would do

firstly as I mentioned it only takes a handful of clients to start making $4-$5000 a month easily, then doing the actual work of producing results for the client is much much easier than trying to compete in the affiliate marketing sphere, the lack of competition is ridiculous in the local search arena and there are thousands upon thousands of local business clients who will happily pay to get a slice of the action online.

Thirdly, this market place of off-line to online marketing is already huge and getting bigger and bigger every single day; not only that, over the next few years just about every business that makes decent money is going to have to get online and get their online marketing done right or risk losing out big time to their competition.

I literally had no idea that this marketing model would become so big so quickly because I’ve been doing off-line and online marketing over 10 years and it’s been a brilliant business system and to most of the part that few of us who’ve been specialising in this prolonged time have had the off-line landscape to ourselves.

Things are changing however slowly hand right now is the perfect time to get involved with selling your easy Internet marketing strategies to local business.

There are quite a few info products popping up all over the place and it’s funny when you’re very experienced in the field to see so many of these products written by people who have obviously very seldom if ever worked in this off-line marketing arena.

If you get the inside scoop on how to do this business properly and the easiest and simplest ways to kickstart a serious six-figure business online, then head over to the offline goldmine where I’ve put together a bunch of videos that answer a lot of the burning questions about off-line marketing.

Check it out here: The Offline Goldmine

yours for Offline Profits


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