Finding your flow state and million dollar ideas

Have you ever really discovered your flow state?

What do I mean by flow state?

Your flow state is where your brain disengages from the day to day stresses and drops into the gap as I call it.

When this happens the creative juices flow big time and it’s right at that point you must capture those potential million dollar ideas!

How to find your flow state

How do you discover when your flow state happens?

This is something only you can truly discover and I’m going to give you all the examples I have come across so hopefully this triggers ideas so you can uncover yours.

About 2 years ago I was renovating one of our investment houses which was a couple of hours out of town.

Well I couldn’t help notice once I’d driven about 20-30 min on the highway all of a sudden these ideas and creative thoughts started flooding through my mind, and it happened every trip!

The pattern happened enough to realize this was the same state I was in mentally; the barrage of day to day activities and stresses were fading and the brain was disengaging from those processes.

No matter what your situation, you have the ability to disrupt the patterns and enter the flow state for your million dollar ideas, it could be when you’re in the shower, walking the dog, going for a run or doing some gardening.

The important thing is you identify the moment this happens for you, and even more critical is you write down what you come up with or you’ll miss the creative gems!

-Andy R Kelly

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