How to Change Your Life one Habit at a Time!

How to change your life one habit at a time

Since we are all creatures of habit us humans, it stands to reason that the one thing that governs what we do on a daily basis are  our habits.

Everything we do is dictated to by the habits that we have formed over time, both good and bad, but the great news is we are only one good habit away from changing our life.

If you can master this one discipline and learn how to create new good habits, you’ll turn your life around and become much more successful faster than you would ever have imagined.

How to form new habits that stick

This is probably one of the most challenging tasks for people to achieve yet it is relatively simple and not very hard, the difficulty that most people face and I see this every day in coaching online marketers working with local offline business, is maintaining consistency of doing something new regardless of how easy and simple over 21 to 28 days without missing any days.

The mistake that most people make is trying to do too many things at once which makes it virtually impossible for most of us to be able to maintain consistency every day for up to those 28 days.  Think of the new year’s resolutions you’ve had and how motivated and charged you were to make all these new changes yet, the list of things you’re going to change is so BIG there’s not a hope that you would be able to stick to it and because you couldn’t stick to all of them you didn’t change any of them!

By far the best way to create these new habits is to choose the simplest and easiest one to start with; one that you know you will be able to do consistently every day for up to 28 days without fail.  This is the crucial part right here, it doesn’t matter how easy and simple the habit is, you must not miss one single day or you virtually have to start again.

Here is a great example of what I teach some of my coaching students that will help them become much more efficient and productive with their Internet Marketing; and that is create a new habit of checking your email no more than three times per day at specific times.

Although this might seem very simple and you would be amazed at how many online marketers waste so much time checking their email on a daily basis, and it’s not just the time taken to check the your email itself, it’s that time lost by following an email that catches your attention and not only that, is promoting a new product that gets you completely caught up in watching the sales video for example and then going off and spending money unnecessarily and all those time wasting, business destroying activities.

The point here is to choose something that is simple and something that will have a positive impact and affect on your efficiency and productivity and that is why I always get my students to conquer the email time waster first.

There are some tools to help with this and one of those allows you to lock down a programme for a certain amount of time so that you cannot start it even if you want to, I find these programmes excellent because they overcome the urge and force us to stick to our routine.

The funny thing is I have seen this one simple exercise do more for changing someone’s business success and making more money as a result than any other latest trick, tactic and any other activity.

Do whatever it takes to get this DONE and stick to it, you’ll love the outcome.


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