Easy Quick Video Marketing Tips Part 1

In this series of video marketing tips I’m going to go through and show you some of the simple and easy ways that I use to produce high-quality videos that convert really well and are easy to produce without needing a lot of skill.

The video that I have created below literally only took me 10 minutes to do thanks to a brilliant program called Animoto.com

This makes some of the video marketing strategy is very easy and quick to implement, since I use these videos for mass distribution to drive back links and some traffic as well.

If you use a service like Traffic Geyser then you can distribute a lot of these videos very quickly across many different accounts which if you do it strategically will help you get a ton of back links over a period of time.

[flowplayer id=2]

As you can see these videos look good because of the advanced software that Animoto use which is great because it saves so much time.

One thing that many people don’t realise is that Google assess your videos based on the content by analysing the soundtrack and doing voice recognition, this way they can assess how related and on topic your video is.

That’s why as far as video marketing goes I really only use these videos to get back links as opposed to try to get them ranked highly on Google for example.

— Andy

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