Mike Koenigs Main Street marketing machines review

Here’s the interesting thing, how do you do a review of a product such as Main Street marketing machines when there is no product available at the moment to be able to review?

it’s funny isn’t it how you see Main Street marketing machines review posted everywhere yet none of these people really know anything about it, certainly not in detail and certainly not main street marketing machines reviewwith any authority to be able to review a product like this.

So far the only thing that people have seen is the first video that Mike Koenigs of traffic Geyser released, and this video gives a bit of an idea and overview of what the course and system is about but it certainly doesn’t give details.

What I plan to do here is not so much to review a product that I haven’t used all seen the entirety of yet, but to give you an insight and insiders understanding of what this whole local business Internet marketing system is all about.

How can I do that you may ask, well to put very simply, I have been actively doing the exact same business system that Main Street market in machines is based on for almost 12 years now, and I know for fact that there are very few if any other people who have worked with local business and small business owners doing Internet marketing for this long.

What that means to you is being able to tap into a wealth of experience gained over many years working with hundreds of different local businesses from small to Fortune 500 companies, making all the mistakes that people make and learning all the lessons the hard way to be able to give you the shortcuts and the unique insights into creating a successful Main Street market machines type business.

If you haven’t dealt with local business doing Internet marketing then I’ll give you a quick rundown and overview of the business model in general.

This is a basic overview of what a Main Street marketing machines type business entails:

1. First you need to get a local business client of course and this is the biggest issue and challenge for all that students that I coach and marketers that I help build this type of business. There are many many ways to get clients and one thing I like with Main Street marketing machines is that they will provide you with very professional advertising material to help you get clients.

Or at least to get face time with a potential client and then hopefully convince them to sign up with you.

2. The second part is all about putting together a package of services and products that you are going to provide to the local business client. This is where you sell your service and based on how well you put these services together and package them up determines how much money you can charge and how attractive it is to the local business client.

Something that I put a lot of emphasis on and a lot of teaching into in the off-line goldmine coaching system.

3. The third part providing the client has gone ahead with you is getting the results and doing the promotion for them, one of the advantages that you will have with Main Street marketing machines and other tools that will be included, since Mike Koenigs and runs traffic Geyser, you will get access to one of the most powerful local business promotional tools that I have used over the years and continue to use on a daily basis.

4. The next phase is to continue on providing a service to your client and making sure that you can maintain continuity program with them so that you get paid on a monthly basis. Then of course there are all the follow-up aspects of the business from engaging your client to get referrals for you for new clients and expanding products and services that you offer to existing clients etc.

5. Once things are up and running smoothly and you have a proper business system and plan in place it is time to leverage your time by outsourcing and out tasking as much of the grunt work and activities that you can offload to someone else.

This is a very basic overview of a local Internet marketing business or Main Street marketing machines type of business, but at least it gives you an idea of some of the factors involved so that you can firstly decide if it looks like the right type of business model to you because that is the most important question first up.

If you’re the sort of person who hates dealing with real people out in the real world and would rather be stuck behind a computer all day then maybe this isn’t the right business model for you, however after doing the Main Street market in machines review you may change your mind.


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