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This week, Stefanie Flaxman and I yielded the floor to a pair of smart gentlemen who we don’t hear from quite as often as we used to.

And we featured a writer you haven’t seen on Copyblogger before. Her debut post for us is a must-read for writers who like being able to pay their bills.

On Monday, Kelton Reid talked about why we don’t need to be afraid that we’ve reached “peak podcast.” He also has a helpful suggestion for that dreaded question you face at family holiday parties. (No, not that question, the other one.)

We run very few guest posts these days, but on Tuesday, Certified Content Marketer Alaura Weaver offered us a terrific one. She wrote about what it takes to make the transition from wistful “wannabe” writer to an authoritative, well-paid professional. She’s not afraid to get specific, including real-world numbers on what qualified writers get paid for different kinds of content.

And on Wednesday, Copyblogger’s founder Brian Clark revealed what he’s been working on lately: the brand-new Rainmaker Digital services division.

For the first time, we can offer “done for you” services, including writing, design, SEO, digital advertising, and more, wrapped in a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Don’t miss Brian’s white paper on The Rainmaker Way, where he talks more about some of the core elements of our methodology.

Over on the Sites podcast, Brian Gardner gave a behind-the-scenes peek at what’s in store for StudioPress. And on Unemployable, Brian Clark interviewed Ed Gandia on a topic dear to the hearts of freelancers and service providers: how to find higher-paying clients. Ed outlines four straightforward steps to get you there.

— Sonia Simone
Chief Content Officer, Rainmaker Digital

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