Writers: It’s Time to Get Paid What You’re Worth

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This week is for our professional writers — whether you’re a freelancer or you work for a bigger organization.

We’re tired of you missing out on the great gigs and the plum jobs, while you watch people zoom past you who can hardly type The Cat on the Mat.

Poverty is overrated. Let’s get you the respect — and the pay — you deserve.

Your first order of business is to get on the list to be notified when we reopen our Certified Content Marketer program very soon.

The program has two key parts. First, we’ll teach you the content strategies that let you create exceptional results for your clients. Second, we offer the opportunity to become Copyblogger Certified, putting your name in front of the clients who are willing to pay for the best. There are advantages to signing up early, so get on the waitlist so you can be among the first to check it out.

On Monday, Stefanie Flaxman combined her own freelance experience with many years of advice here on Copyblogger to give you 30 solid tips for positioning yourself as an in-demand writer. You can use them as a kind of “map of the territory” toward more (and better) writing work.

On Tuesday, one of our Certified Content Marketers, Brandon Davis, wrote about how to coach your writing clients to bring out their own individual brand voices. Rather than accept a role as a glorified typist, you become the valued “voice coach” who brings forth something remarkable. (Useful bonus: Voice coaches are paid much better than typists.)

On Wednesday, I shared some of my cranky thoughts on why talented writers lose great gigs to hacks and wannabes. I give you a (friendly) shake to wake you up to what we all lose when you play small.

On the Copyblogger FM podcast, I talked about how to take your list of content ideas and zero in on the ones with potential. (Thanks to Shannon at Lives Abroad for the question in the Copyblogger comments that sparked the episode!)

And on The Digital Entrepreneur, Sean Jackson and Katy Katz had a conversation with Tony Wright about how to protect your online reputation when a crisis unfolds. Writers, these are great skills to help out your clients with.

That’s the content for this week — I hope you’ll use these resources to take action and claim what you’re worth!

— Sonia Simone
Chief Content Officer, Rainmaker Digital

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