Internet Marketing Consulting – How to Choose the Best Niches

internet marketing consultingI’m constantly asked which is the best business niche or which type of business should I target for my local Internet marketing consulting business?

It’s critical that you take the time and put in the research to choose the right business niche particularly in the early stages because it can severely stall your Internet Marketing Consulting business growth if you choose the wrong one!

By far the best way to choose the right local business for your Internet Marketing consulting, is to use a series of rules and checklist to make sure that a local business meets that criteria.

Over the years I’ve put together a checklist and a set of rules for what I call the local business niche selection blueprint, this has helped me enormously to work out using a formula for the best businesses that will be profitable, and be able to produce good results for them.

In this video “Internet Marketing Consulting Niche Selection” I go through an example off the niche selection process to give you an idea of the critical areas a look at when choosing a local business to work with.


I highly recommend that you put together your own set of rules and selection criteria that suits the sort of businesses you want to work with and yet still makes those important requirements.

The great news is there are literally hundreds of these types of businesses out there that don’t necessarily come to mind immediately and yet they make great profits and their average customer transaction value is quite high which means that you’ll lead value rate is very good.

Just remember you are only a client or two away from your 6 figure internet marketing consulting empire!

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