Making Money with Local Internet Marketing

local internet marketingHere is a very simple way to find local businesses that you can sell your Internet marketing services to and quickly build a serious six-figure Internet marketing consulting business!

the biggest objection that I get from many Internet marketers even the ones who are struggling to make a lot of money online, is “how I get clients without having to go and knock on doors or call people on the telephone”?

In this video that I have for you today, I show you one of my favorite easy ways to get local business clients calling you so that they can give you a nice big fat check for doing some simple online marketing for them.

This is a fabulous strategy because it not only gets the local clients calling you but it also sells your Internet marketing consulting service before they call you.


The video consulting method or video review method is such a brilliant yet simple why to demonstrate a huge amount of value to your prospective local business clients.

Video reviews are quick and simple to do and you really can pump out five or six of them in the morning, shoot those off and get responses back in the next day or so with local business owners very keen to get you on board as the Internet marketing consultant.

Some of the other elements that I do want to go over with you and really help you understand, other ways that you really do need to script the video and be able to subtly sell the value proposition which simply means you effectively convey the dollar value and customer value that are likely to get by moving up the search engines for example.

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— Andy

If you need any more tips or strategies for the video consulting method, then please leave a comment below and I’ll put those questions into the upcoming videos and answer them for you.




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