Way More Crap Marketers than Crap Products!

If you have ever spent time reading favored forums, you have heard folk whinging about how crap a product is or praising it for how excellent the info is or how functional it is.

info product creationThis is particularly true for promoting on forums, where folks nearly always debate the most recent product launch in their field it isn’t unusual to see bipolar approaches to deliberating new release launches, too. One approach will always target the negative parts of the product, lambasting it’s a sham or as dysfunctional. The other approach will be a little more realistic and take a look at what was good and what might be improved upon. Often, you’ll see the negative comments coming from people who have had virtually no success promoting the product or who, they themselves, had no real experience in successfully launching a product.

Against this, you’ll probably see the positive comments coming from people who have successfully promoted the product and earned ; or people who know promoting good enough that they could successfully popularize the product if they made a decision to do so. There is a good reason for this : those that can successful promote products and earn cash know that virtually any product, irrespective of how ordinary it is, can be promoted with a high level of success.

They also know a product doesn’t need to be radically different to provide info the end-user wishes most. One prime example of this is McDonald’s. Their food was truly nothing new or different or better than their competition and yet they swiftly defeated everybody else in the market to gain dominance. The difference was in the way in which the business was positioned and marketed. In the hands of a bad marketer, it might have floundered ; in the hands of a skillful marketer, it became one of the biggest companies in the world. So keep this proviso in mind next time you hear somebody attacking the newest digital product release : there are way more crappy marketers than there are pathetic digital products!

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