Social Media Marketing Machines

Social Media Marketing Machines Review and Coolest Bonus

Social Media Marketing Machines Review

Mike Koenig’s and the team at traffic geyser have announced a brand-new breakthrough system called Social Media Marketing Machines which is set to break all the records.

Mike unleashed Main Street Marketing Machines on the public only a few months ago which created a whole new benchmark for quickly creating a local Internet marketing business we use your Internet marketing skill to help local businesses get leads and customers online.

Social Media Marketing Machines – what is it?

The idea is simple but the end result unbelievably powerful. Social Media Marketing Machines literally hands you the ability to dominate the local search market and drive tons of traffic and customers from the social media networks and deliver them to your local business clients.

In the same way that Main Street Marketing Machines is based around the local business or offline business niches, which incidentally is the hottest and most profitable niche market on the planet. Social Media Marketing Machines is again working with local businesses but the difference here and what makes this a genuine game changer is just how amazing the results are that Mike and the traffic geyser team have been getting for local clients.

Why the local business niche?

It’s no secret that over the last couple of years local Internet marketing or marketing for local brick-and-mortar businesses has become the fastest-growing, the most reliable and predictable Internet business on the planet bar none.

Thousands upon thousands of local businesses all over the world are realizing that they must get online to remain competitive or run the risk of going out of business. This is the fact that no one can escape simply because most people nowadays search online for a local business and the Offline advertising media are dying certain death.

I’ve helped literally hundreds of Internet marketers get out of the affiliate marketing rat race, that’s what I call it, because they are trying to market against some of the most accomplished and savvy Internet marketers on the planet and the competition is so high and making sales is so hard in many of the niche markets that it’s crazy to keep banging your head against the wall.

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Many of the local business niches simple to get high rankings, they are easy to dominate on the search engines and have very little competition which makes this business so attractive and so very lucrative.

Having Social Media Marketing Machines would be like you being a carpenter who was the only one with an electric drill. Put simply it’s a complete unfair advantage over other local Internet marketers and people who don’t have the ability to drive tons of traffic and buyers to local business clients. And that means your local clients will be happy to pay you thousands of dollars per month on an ongoing basis.

The critical key to Social Media Marketing Machines success!

Having coached hundreds of students in the local Internet marketing arena I have seen firsthand the biggest challenge that virtually everyone had with Main Street Marketing Machines , and I can see this will be exactly the same with Social Media Marketing Machines.

The biggest challenge is getting a steady stream of high value local business clients who can and will pay you the large fees each and every month. This is make-or-break for everyone who wants to build a local Internet marketing business and without the proper proven strategies to get these clients your business will die faster than a fish out of water.

The secrets to getting a steady stream of high value clients

When Social Media Marketing Machines is released, the biggest decision that you’ll have to make is which bonus to go for since most people these days offer bonuses to buy through their link, it makes sense to get as much as you can.

The problem is 99% of the bonuses on offer are absolute duds and many of them complete rubbish. The good ones may be an okay product by themselves but most of them don’t directly help you to be much more successful and make a lot more money with the Main product such as Social Media Marketing Machines.

People offer junky e-books and courses that don’t have a lot to do with the Main product and some of them offer gimmicks like iPad’s and iPhone’s which may seem attractive initially but the problem is none of these gimmicks are going to help you make a lot more money and be much more successful with a product like Social Media Marketing Machines. For example which would you rather? A $600 iPad or the blueprint and formula that shows you how to increase your monthly income by $5000-$10,000 per month! Don’t think short term..

The ultimate Social Media Marketing Machines bonus is the one that shows you exactly how to get the right clients the easiest way and build a huge referral base.

What is the ultimate Social Media Marketing Machines bonus?

There was one bonus offered during the launch of Main Street Marketing Machines that was the only one that was a Goldmine for people getting started in the local Internet marketing business. That bonus was the Offline Goldmine VIP coaching bonus that was the only one that was absolutely the laser targeted on the topic of the Main product.
The Offline Goldmine VIP coaching bonus also was voted the number one most powerful and valuable bonus and it even blew away those big guru bonuses!

The Offline Goldmine VIP coaching bonus was offered tool small group by a guy Andy Kelly who has been a local Internet marketing specialist for over 13 years and worked with thousands of local offline businesses building multiple six-figure businesses and taught hundreds of students how to do the same.

The awesome news is that Andy has agreed to offer this opportunity again to a small number of marketers who want to be a part of the Social Media Marketing Machines advanced mastermind group. In this group you’ll get access to Andy’s battle tested and proven client getting formulas that only his inner circle mentor group get to see.

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