Social Media Marketing Machines Bonus – Choosing the Best!

How do you choose the best social media marketing machines bonus?

When it comes time to decide on which bonus you’re going to choose their some critical things that you must keep in mind.

Social Media Marketing Machines BonusMost of the bonuses even the ones that are fairly high-priced products in their own right don’t always offer great value for a product like social media marketing machines.

There’s a huge range in quality and value between so many of the bonuses, there’s always the usual affiliate marketers that just jumped on board and try to put together some junky PLR product with all the glossy images to make it look like it’s real value but of course the just a waste of time.

One thing’s for sure, you won’t need a bunch of social media marketing info products like how to dominate Facebook or get tons of traffic from Twitter etc. because all of these is exactly what you’re going to learn social media marketing machines.

Here’s a checklist that I put together to make sure that you get the ultimate value and benefit when and if you buy social media marketing machines.

  1. The bonus must complement the Main product and help to make it more effective and give you additional tools and strategies to be more successful.
  2. You need to identify what are the most important elements to being successful with a product like social media marketing machines so that you know which bonus is the one that’s going to help you achieve these things. I can tell you for an absolute fact the most important tools and strategies you need for this are the most critical and being how to identify, and land the best clients for your business.
  3. The next most important thing is to make sure that the person who delivers this has a track record knows what they’re talking about. All you have to do is go to YouTube and you’ll see a ton of people offering all sorts of ridiculous bonuses with nothing to back them up and no proof that they have any real success.
  4. As appealing as they are make sure that you’ll for it the instant gratification bonuses like iPad’s and iPods or iPhone’s and things like that. They might seem like good value but I can guarantee they’re not going to really help you make one more dollar where is the bonus that I’m describing can help you double your income every month!
  5. **Make sure you go and check out any of their existing material and see what the quality is like of training videos and how they present their coaching material and what type of strategies and training going to focus on.
  6. The other huge heads up that I give you is don’t fall for that ridiculous line of I’ll show you how to get tons of clients lined up and you don’t have to sell or do anything like that as it’s just an absolute bunch of crap. I’ve had hundreds and hundreds of clients come to me over the years but I still have to arrange the deal and the thing to remember is the better you can sell someone on your services the more money you can make!

It really is a case of buyer beware and with 15 years of in the streets local Internet marketing experience in dealing with thousands of clients I can tell you from first-hand experience that all of these points are absolutely essential for you to get the best deal.

They probably not surprised when I say that I am offering my coaching bonus with social media marketing machines. This is only the second time that I’ve ever offered a bonus for any product ever!

One of the reasons is I’m passionate about coaching and mentoring local marketing students and I know what it takes to be successful in this business and when I saw all of the absolute BS and junk that was on offer and flying around with Main street marketing machines i decided to jump in help as many people as I could to be successful and quickly launch a profitable local Internet marketing business.

I’ve agreed to offer the same program but obviously tailor made for social media marketing machines which means that we will be focusing on landing those bigger clients with the big fat paychecks which is going to be a awful lot of fun and very profitable mind you!

To make sure you go over here and register for the early bird notification list to get a chance to work with me one-on-one.

Click this link below to get on the early bird notification list

Social Media Marketing Machines Bonus

this is going to be one of the hell a of ride so strap yourself in and let’s get this show on the road.

Yours for local marketing profits


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