Social Media Marketing Machines Bonus- This Could Change Your Life!

The Social Media Marketing Machines BONUS That Could Change Your Life!

This is something I don’t say lightly, and I know people overuse it but there’s no other way to describe it.

Social Media Marketing Machines bonusdSome of my close friends think I’m nuts for offering so much in my Social Media Marketing Machines Bonus.

Most of the people who bought main street marketing machines through me all agreed that The Offline Goldmine VIP bonus was better than the actual main street course! That’s something I never expected…

One things for sure you have to keep improving things and that’s exactly why I’ve really upped the ante this time.

The Reason I say YOU CANNOT GET anything like what I am offering with my bonus, is I haven’t seen anyone who has the experience of 15 years in the real world of local internet marketing and not only built MULTIPLE Six Figure Businesses myself but Taught many Students exactly HOW TO DO THE SAME!

There will be many people who buy SMMM and struggle along and there there will be those who join my mastermind and mentor group who discover how I land so many High Paying Clients all the way up to SONY and VIRGIN Media etc.

Here’s just some of the mind blowing stuff I’m going to share with 20 very lucky people who buy Social Media Marketing Machines via my link!

  1. Access to our SMM Machines Mastermind Coaching and Mentor Group where YOU get to work with me in person to launch YOUR Six Figure Business.
  2. One on One Personal Coaching Calls with Me where I take you through setting up Your Campaigns
  3. Private access to The Offline Goldmine Client Getting Formulas and Blueprints that will show you how to attract the best clients
  4. Our Proven Real World sales material
  5. Business Website Templates
  6. Proven Kick-Butt Sales Scripts for telephone, in person and in print
  7. Multimedia promotional material. (This is how I have landed hundreds of six figure clients over the years)!
  8. Get access to our Contracts and Legal Documents (These cost a fortune to have prepared).
  9. You will get regular training Webinars
  10. Custom Coaching videos made just for Our Group
  11. Access to Our Outsourcing Secrets training. (This is How You Multiply Your Business Quickly)

PLUS This Never Before Offered Killer Bonus… (Only for People who invest in the Full Course and not payment plan)

Private Access to my Outsource Workers Online Training Center!

OGM outsource team Social Media Marketing Machines Bonus DetailsThe Offline Goldmine training center has been built over the past 2 years and responsible for providing training for all my Outsource team.

With my training center you will be able to Fast Track getting your workers up to speed and helping YOU grow your business much much faster!

No One else offers anything like this and I have never given access to anyone before.

Not Only That , You will also get access to our DONE-FOR-YOU Outsource Team

With our already trained Outsource Team, YOU will be able to leave all the work to them and Focus on the REAL MONEY MAKING Task of Getting MORE Business.

Just imagine How Many Social Media Consulting Clients you could have with a trained team. Think Average Hourly Rate at $200 per client!

Here’s what You MUST DO to get the Chance to be a part of this Once in a Life Time Opportunity.

Go HERE Right NOW before the last spot gets taken!

*IMPORTANT* Make sure you add your name and email in the register for early bird notification subscribe on the right side.

Then follow the steps about clearing your cookies and emailing me your receipt details… VERY IMPORTANT!

That’s it..

Cant wait to talk to you in person and help you launch your six figure business.

See you over there


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