Video Marketing for Local Business Profits

video marketingVideo marketing for local business is without doubt my number one service that has made me a ton of money over the past few years. One of my students asked me the other day “what is the most valuable skill to learn for local internet marketing or Offline Marketing”?

Without any hesitation I replied “Video Marketing”, it’s simply the one skill that you MUST learn and get good at to make a lot of money with local business.

The great news is you don’t need expensive equipment or Hollywood editing skills to produce amazing videos that bring in the customers and leads for your local clients.

Most small business will be blown away with what I can teach you.

Video Marketing is crucial to your services that you sell as a Local marketer because the perceived value is so high and this allows you to justify high fees very comfortably. If your client approaches a video production house they will get a rude shock at how much (A LOT More) they charge in comparison to you.

The first step in setting up for effective video marketing is to get the right equipment that suits your budget and the clients you’re dealing with. In the next video I’ll go through the equipment that I use and how you can create killer videos on a small budget.

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