How to use Google Insights to Research Local Markets

Google insights is a great tool to help you identify local markets with the best potential for good search numbers and therefore profitability for your local internet marketing business.

There’s no point going after the local Roofer or Air conditioning company if the local area is doesn’t have the demand yet another state or city has a lot of demand.

Google insights and the other tools that I use for my internet marketing consulting business take virtually ALL of the guess work out of choosing the best localities to target certain local business niches.

Here’s a short easy video where I show you how I use Google insights for search to track down those high value areas!

One point to take note of is, don’t worry about not much data showing up for results, many of the local markets are lower in search volume so Google doesn’t take much notice of it but there are still plenty of leads to be had for our clients!

Do your research and save the headaches.



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