Dominating Google Places for local clients – Geo Tagging Photos

Here is a tip to help you dominate Google places for your Offline consulting clients by using properly tagged photos.offline consulting tips

If you have a look at the most Google places listings they are poorly optimized and off for one of the most amazing opportunities to provide local Internet marketing services for local businesses.

In this following short video I go through how to properly tag your photos that you used for Google places listings. One of the key elements to optimizing your listings is to have multiple photos added and to make sure that they are properly geo-tagged.

Of course properly tagged photos is only one of many key elements to help you dominate Google places and propel your local business clients to the top of Google search.

I know I keep saying it but Google places has opened up the door for so many people wanting to get into Internet marketing consulting and build an online business because it’s so straightforward for anyone to get great results from.

**Here is some very exciting news that I’ve wanted to share with you for a while but couldn’t until we had everything set up and finalized.

Local Internet Marketing UniversityThis week we are unveiling the brand-new hugely anticipated “local Internet marketing University” we have spent months working on this to provide a rapid learning, coaching and success center for Internet marketing consultants or anyone wanting to get into this fast-growing industry.

If you’d like to know more about how you can get access to this amazing content, then head over here to get on the early bird list for a sneak peek!

I can guarantee that the local Internet marketing University of will change the fortunes of many online marketers.

Yours for Offline consulting profits

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