Google Places Changes and How they Affect You!

Over the past couple of weeks Google has made a number of changes to Google places that impacts all of us in the local Internet marketing arena. Google Places optimization

If you haven’t seen the changes then go and have a look because you will notice that visually the Google places page has changed and third-party reviews and citations have been removed.

I’ve had a bunch of e-mails asking me how this will affect my Offline consulting business and we’ve been busy at work in the local Internet marketing University labs testing and measuring results of many clients listings to see what effect this latest update has had on them.

Here’s a quick video that I did just to explain what’s happened in the Google places space.

there’s always a flip side to these changes and often it opens up opportunities in other areas, and that’s exactly what’s happened here.

By virtue of the fact that Google has changed the reviews and remove the third-party ones and focusing on Google reviews, this is dramatically changed the emphasis on reputation management and opened up a huge potential opportunity for many local Internet marketers.

In the next video I’ll go through exactly what this means to you as an Internet marketing consultant and how to capitalize on this opportunity.

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