Google Places – New Opportunities Revealed

In my last post we looked at how the new Google Places removed third party reviews and places marketing

This means that Google is tightening up and focusing specifically on their own user reviews which is a good thing in our opinion because it gives us more control for a local clients and offers a the fantastic opportunity for additional services in our Offline Consulting Business.

Reputation management is absolutely vital now and many businesses particularly ones like restaurants and service-based businesses that are heavily affected by user reviews Google Places will have no choice but to engage in managing their reputation or suffer the consequences.

In this video I talk about how this is an emerging opportunity for Offline marketers and local Internet marketing consultants to embrace this vital service with Google Places and offer a reputation management product to local businesses which in many cases will be more important than just the traffic services.

This is exactly what I would do with this new Offline consulting opportunity for reputation management with Google places.

The first thing you need to do is target the right business as I said restaurants services such as dentists car up to this anyone we reviews are really going to make a massive difference to whether people will call those businesses.

Think about how you’re going to target them and package your service together. One of the things you must have is Darfur or information to back up what you’re saying so you need either the video review method where you take a small screen capture of their Google places listing for example and send that to them if not seen them in person which is a great way to capture people’s attention.

Otherwise you need some screenshots that you can show them if you’re seeing someone in person take something on to show them how this can potentially be a disaster for them.

For your service you really want to create a system where customers and clients are encouraged to post positive comments and their many ways that we can do that.

This also gives you an opportunity to work with the business as you progress and develop your marketing relationship to help them improve their customer relations now of course this is a little bit more dance and something you would do further down the track but it works extremely well.

Take it from me this is a huge area of opportunity for local internet marketers that is only getting bigger every day.

There’s also the opportunity to offer introductory services such as Google Places reputation management as a free service to segue into your Paid services which is something we going to discuss at length in upcoming videos and posts.


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