Video Marketing Tips – What Equipment I use!

Video marketing is one of the topics that I get a lot of questions about because it’s the one local Internet marketing service that has generated more money than anything else.Video Marketing

One of my most successful consulting businesses was based on video marketing with social media marketing as well of the video being the primary service and what generated the most results for clients and in turn the most revenue for our company.

Since I get so many e-mails and questions about video marketing for local business, I felt the easiest way to help you replicate what I’ve done or add this most valuable service to your Offline consulting arsenal, was to create a series of videos documenting how we developed how video marketing for local business strategies from soup to nuts.

I’m Going to Show You our Video Marketing Strategies

No doubt it’s a big area and there are lots of elements to providing video marketing for local Offline businesses so this will be an extensive series of insights into our business where I dissect campaigns and show you exactly how I built this business up with really no experience at all.

In this first video I go over some of the basics and objectives along with discussion about some of the equipment that I use and in particular because it’s one of the most important elements I talk about audio such as microphones etc. and what I’ve used in the past and do now.

As you can see in the video one of the important factors that I really concentrate on years keeping your objective in mind and not worrying too much about fancy videos and having to have expensive equipment or lots of experience to produce the results.

You Don’t Need Expensive Equipment for Video Marketing

This is one area that I find that holds some people back because they feel they have to have professional equipment before they can go out and create video marketing campaigns with local clients, but this simply isn’t the case, our video marketing for local business service was making six figures a year using equipment that cost less than $1000.

While there are a few good courses out there on Web video and video marketing, what I will be doing in the upcoming series of posts and videos will be to show you how to get the job done and always focusing on video with the local business elements.

The next couple of videos I’ll go through the rest of the equipment that I use and show you how many of my students have set up excellent productive home-video studios that produce great results and impress their clients, not to mention make them a lot of money selling the video marketing services.


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