How to Become an Instant Local Marketing Authority

local marketing tipsHow do you become a Local Marketing Authority without a ton of experience or track record?

This is a very common question and incredibly important for any of you starting out as local marketing consultants, or any other marketing niche for that matter.

There are effectively two main ways to instantly become an authority in your prospects eyes and they are:

1. Put on live speaking events such as workshops or seminars.
2. Write a book or have something published that gives you instant credibility.

Today we are going to look at the latter which is to write a book or have something published so that your prospects immediately recognize you as an authority in your marketplace; in this case local marketing.

Just think for a minute of what impact this has when you hand your local marketing prospect your recently published book, instead of just giving them a business card.

Just imagine how much respect and credibility that gives you immediately!

I learned this lesson early on and focused very heavily on doing live workshops and seminars to quickly gain a massive amount of credibility and authority as a local marketing consultant. It worked magnificently and as soon as someone sees you presenting up on stage but I can’t help but feel “you’re the guy”!

It’s the same with having a book published in the thing is I’m not talking about writing a 300 page novel, I’m talking about something as simple as a 40 to 50 page e-book that you may already have that you can simply get printed and have a number of copies to give away to prospective clients.

In this Local Marketing Tips video I discuss those very points and show you my latest local marketing book that’s just been published.

Most people I speak to think that this must be difficult to get a book written, published and up for sale on Amazon, but it’s simply not the case these days.

First of all you don’t have to write the book your self you can get ghostwritten if you want to; in my case I wrote the book because I know the subject inside out and most of all I just wanted to do it.

local marketing bookThere a many places that will publish can print books for you at a very very inexpensive price and it’s easy to get your book up on Amazon for sale which also shows people that you must be someone very noteworthy in the local marketing arena.

If you’re interested in finding out how this process works and how you can be a published local marketing author, then simply leave a comment below and based on those comments I’ll put together a how-to package for you.

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This is just another strategy to make local marketing much easier and be way ahead of the competition.


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