Local Internet Marketing Tips – How To Get Clients with Video Part 2

Here’s the next part of our “How To Get Local Internet Marketing Clients with Video Part 2”.Local marketing tips

No doubt about it, this client getting system is in the TOP 3 most effective methods I have used over the past 10 years of Local Internet Marketing!

These are the key reasons why it’s so Powerful for Local Internet Marketing Consultants whether beginner or advanced.

  1. The Video Review Formula removes the challenge of having to talk face to face or cold call via telephone etc.
  2. This method gives you instant Authority as a Local Internet Marketing Consultant.
  3. You immediately stand out from the crowd of so called SEO firms or Local Internet Marketing Companies.
  4. Your prospects will be blown away if you do the Video Review Formula correctly, (huge WOW factor)!
  5. Gives you the VERY important element of Leverage: You can do this anywhere in the World quickly and easily, even if you’re on the road or traveling.

In this next Video Review Formula part 2, I show you who to look for and how to identify good Local Internet Marketing Prospects.

A very successful and Profitable Local Internet Marketing Business begins with great clients therefore this step is crucial to focus on and hone your skills.

Keep in mind the key elements that I go over in this video lesson such as looking for the indicators that the website owner is a genuine local business owner who has demonstrated their clear intentions to invest in Online Marketing to grow their business.

The prospective clients attitude toward local internet marketing and how valuable they perceive it to be is a big factor for me and the way I judge the true client value.

Not  A Magic Wand!

The Video Review Formula is amazing at lading clients and doing all the things I mentioned above if done correctly, however don’t get drawn into thinking this is some magic bullet and the first couple of Local internet marketing videos you do will instantly land every client because that’s plain fantasy!

Like any strategy this must be done correctly and the Video Review Formula and those key factors or elements that the better your skill the more clients you will land, simple as that.

In all my years of testing and coaching this local marketing system over the past 3 years I’ve seen first hand how just getting the vital 2 or 3 elements nailed means you hook the clients like a Starving fish with the perfect Bait!

The great news is the demand for Local Internet Marketing services is growing at an astonishing rate where my company and many I deal with simply can’t keep up with the amount of local business clients who want help.

Yours for Local Internet Marketing Profits

-Andy 🙂




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