How to Find Hot Local Internet Marketing Leads

Powerful new Way to Quickly Find HOT Leads and Prospects for your Local Internet Marketing or Offline Consulting Business!local internet marketing leads

The team and I at Local Internet Marketing University Labs have been hard at work perfecting and tweaking a Lead Generation System and blueprint that is nothing short of phenomenal and so I want to share it with you.
For the past 4 1/2 months we’ve been busy testing a complete lead generation and client getting system that utilizes some amazing local Internet marketing tools and unique strategies that we’ve developed.

One of the biggest challenges that I’ve been working on with local marketing students has been the whole client getting process and developing a complete total solution that is super efficient and devastatingly effective.

If you’ve been following my video sessions then you would’ve seen the “video review formula” that we’ve been discussing, and this formula is one of the key critical components to this exciting total client acquisition system.

In this following video I show you the local Internet marketing tool that has literally transformed the way we do lead generation and how we target local prospects.

This lead generation tool is one of the most integral components of my Offline consulting business and without doubt would be one of the first four local Internet marketing tools that I could Absolutely, positively not function without.

What I really want to emphasize here so that you really get how powerful this is and how crucial this local Internet marketing tool is to quickly finding the best prospects for you to contact and see exactly where all the weak spots are for all the competition.

The other huge element to this is the “client acquisition system” that I’m talking about which is a total game changer compared to anything else out there or what anyone else teaches.

The awesome power of this whole strategy is in the synergy between the parts in the local marketing components all working together to deliver the maximum high-quality, high-value local business clients with the minimum amount of time and effort!

Check out The Local Lead Generation Secret Weapon Here:

This will make so much sense when you add the Video Review formula to MapPI and follow my Complete Client Acquisition Blueprint!



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