Local Internet Marketing – Video Review Formula part 3

Local Internet marketing video review formula part three shows you what things you need to be able to produce the right type of videos to attract local marketing clients.video review formula

Since we are going to be doing screen cam recordings I’ll show you the systems that I use on both Mac and PC.

You can get a simple screen cam software for free to help you get started but I do recommend investing in something that will produce the kind of results you want and that will impress your potential clients.

Sound quality is very important to because it gives your potential clients an impression about you and if you have poor sound quality then that can have the effect of making you look less than professional.

Luckily there are some excellent solutions for microphones that won’t cost very much and yet still produced nice-sounding results for your local Internet marketing videos.

Once you’re all set up with your screencam program and the other bits and pieces that you need, it’s time to do the most important part of all which is working at exactly what you going to say.

There’s no doubt that the script is absolutely vital to landing local Internet marketing clients and in the next update we going to look at what to say and how to say it.

What I would suggest now is to go and organize yourself with your screen recording software and microphone if you don’t have anything already and start practicing recording some example videos to get comfortable with the whole process.

Watch out for the next installment of our local Internet marketing — video review formula


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