Local Reviews, Just How Important are they for Local Search?

Local reviews have been on everyone’s mind as soon as Google Place Listings underwent its updates in July. With all this talk of local reviews and local searches going on, I just wanted to remind my fellow local internet marketers about some of the basics that they need to remember about local reviews.

Local reviews don’t solely affect your local search results; we all know that, however a lack of local reviews can send you back in the stone ages as far as local search results are concerned. What I mean to say is that, gathering a lot of reviews although doesn’t help you a lot with your SERPS results, but local reviews are very essential for your local search SEO.

What You Need To Make Sure Of

Our job as local internet marketers is to optimize our client’s Google Places on page SEO. Optimization is the key here, your descriptions, explanations should all be optimized. And don’t leave out the optimization of your client’s Google Maps listing.

Take an Edge over Your Competition

If your client’s competition don’t have local reviews or they haven’t optimized their Google Maps listing, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do all of those things for your clients. Get your clients glowing local reviews on Google and other third party review sites and optimize their content, this will up their rankings on local searches and hence put them ten, *scratch that* a hundred steps ahead of their competitors.

Another helpful tip that I can give you is to analyze your client’s competition, find out what they are doing with their Google Place listings. Also dig through their links, local reviews, citations, videos, photos, directories are linking back to, try to the same whilst adding your own special perks, to bring to your client the best of both worlds.


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