Offline Consulting – Landing Your First Clients

Getting those first local Internet marketing clients is without doubt the biggest challenge for any new Offline consulting business.offline consulting

Today we are going to look at one of my favorite ways to land your first local marketing client without having to sweat over cold calling which holds so many people back.

Now this is not the only way to land your first Offline consulting client but it certainly is one of the easiest and low barriers to entry.

This is the major area of Offline consulting the I’m going to spend a lot of time helping everyone breakthrough and get those first few clients so we are going to look at a number of different ways that will work for most people.

In this video I talk about this very effective Offline consulting method.

One point I want to stress here is to make sure that you don’t just jump at the first opportunity that presents itself because we still need to try and work with a business that has potential and that we can produce good results which is vital for referrals.

It’s not about the money and you have to be prepared to give value and results first when you’re starting out and you don’t have a track record.

One thing that drives me crazy is all these so-called Offline consulting experts who constantly talk about walking out with a check for multiple thousands of dollars from local business owners.

The one or two exceptions that happen where one person reports that their first client or two happily handed over a big check for them to do some local Internet marketing does so much harm and create so much unreal expectation you now marketing niche.

Let’s deal with reality and creating a specific and strategic Offline consulting plan that will work for most people and very importantly most local marketing clients. This means not expecting to walk out with big fat checks from day one but to give great value first which in the long run will be a massive advantage for you.

I will be going through all of our very best local client acquisition techniques and methods over at local Internet marketing University where you will learn everything you need to know to create serious six-figure Offline consulting business if you follow the action plan.

I guarantee local Internet marketing University will blow you away when you see the amount of cutting-edge training, coaching and business building content that we are adding every day!


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