Rental Websites – The Cash Cow Model

Every local business needs leads!

That’s why rental websites are such an important part of a local Internet marketing business overall strategy.rental websites

Rental websites or leasing websites has been one of the most productive and cash flow generating models that I’ve used over the years in my local Internet marketing business.

What I also love about this rental website model is the fact that you maintain control over the website and getting paid for leads.

Since you own the site out right it removes the possibility of a local business client deciding not to pay you which can happen when providing SEO services for example to a clients website.

Building rental websites or leasing websites is such an efficient and effective way of providing cash flow for your business because it’s a model that can be implemented quickly and easily by just about any competent outsource worker.

Once you have the Rental website model worked out then you can crank these money making lead generation sites out for Literally hundreds and hundreds of different local business niches.

There are a lot of misconceptions about online marketing for local business and most systems you see online are complicated and require a lot more knowledge and skill than they let on.

Webpage leasing or rentals is easy and you can set one up in 30 minutes if you know what to do.

Getting your page ranked is the next step after uploading your page and this can take a few days or more depending what you do and in what order. (I’ll show you exactly how I get most pages ranked top ten in Google after only a few days)

The Easiest Service to Sell!

Rental websites are super easy to get clients to buy because you already have the position on the search engines which is proof in itself that the value is internet marketing consultingthere already.

Of course you have to rank your sites first to be able to but that’s not hard if you know how and follow my simple ranking strategies. Rentals can take a bit longer to get a paying client but once you start cranking out the right sites in the right niches, you’ll be sitting on a serious cash cow!

One of the biggest challenges with Local internet marketing is getting clients, particularly in the early stages when you might not have much proof or confidence in delivering the goods.

How to be an Internet Landlord

It’s really no different than real estate investing and owning rental houses; once you own that spot on Google for example, that little piece of online real estate has a definite value and depending on the market or niche it can be worth a fortune.

Once you have this valuable property, you will find a ton of local business chomping at the bit to rent your pages!

It’s a Beautiful and VERY Profitable thing!

The RENTAL WEBSITE and LEASING MODELS are just a few of the many business building and profit generating blueprints that you will Get inside the… Local Internet Marketing University.

This is going to totally change your the way you think about Offline Consulting!

Yours for Offline Profits

Andy R Kelly




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