Mobile Marketing for Offline Business

Mobile Marketing for Offline Business is no doubt a massive emerging opportunity and an awesome way to land new Clients!Mobile Marketing

There are a number of Mobile Marketing strategies you can focus on however what I want to share today is very simple for Local internet marketing consultants to deliver.

This Mobile Marketing strategy is ideally targeted to Real estate agents who are a great niche market right now since most of them are desperately looking for an edge.

No Rankings No Citations or Reviews to worry about!

I love this Mobile Marketing strategy because you can implement it immediately without worrying about Google Rankings and SEO for example.

The concept is simply offering by way of QR codes (the 2d bar codes) and text message, the ability for a buyer to access instant information on the home listing and see pictures without having to organize an inspection or play phone tag with the agent.

It’s Mobile Marketing the easy way and a fantastic service for both the agents and buyers.

Watch this brief overview of the formula below:

Try this Mobile Marketing strategy and see just how easy it is and how attractive it is to Real Estate agents.

If you want to get the complete formula just head over to Local Internet Marketing University where you will learn this Mobile Marketing formula and tons of the very best Offline Consulting Strategies anywhere.

Make yourself a leader in local internet marketing and stay ahead of what everyone else is doing…





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