Why Local Businesses Need a Mobile Website

Local businesses need a Mobile Website NOW and those who ignore this run the risk of losing out to their competitors big time! Mobile Websites

If you own a smart phone and used it to surf the web then you’ll know how much of a pain it is to navigate around a standard website on the smart phone.

Mobile optimized Websites or Mobile Friendly pages make life so much better and the user experience so much nicer for customers.

Huge Opportunity for Local Marketers

At this stage MOST local businesses don’t have a Mobile Optimized website or mobile friendly webpages which means there is a massive opportunity for local internet marketers to capitalize on this lack.

Using Mobile Websites to land local clients is a fantastic strategy because the sites are really simple and easy to customize which means you can offer the service for a relatively low start up fee to make it super easy for the local business to say YES!

Over at Local Internet Marketing University we are seeing great results from students who are using this method that we teach on landing Clients this way.

The Mobile Marketing stats speak for themselves and clearly show local business owners how much traffic and search is now being done on Smart Phones such as the iPhone, HTC and Android phones.

If you’re looking to cash in on the exploding Local Internet Marketing niche then offering Mobile Optimized websites is a fast and easy way to pick up plenty of local business clients.


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