How to Get Clients With Mobile Websites

Here’s a simple yet VERY effective way to get clients with Mobile Optimized marketing

What I love about this Mobile Marketing strategy is how easy it is to get set up for Local Internet Marketers just starting out!

Mobile websites are generally much less complicated than the business main website and the whole idea is to have a clean simple interface that makes it an easy and good experience for the mobile user or customer.

There’s tons of opportunity out there because most local businesses don’t have a Mobile Optimized website and it’s very easy to demonstrate how Crucial it is to have
a Mobile friendly site by simply showing the client how painful navigating the normal site is.

These Local internet Marketing strategies for getting clients are part of my “Foot in the Door” tactics that make it easy for anyone to launch their internet marketing consulting business because these Mobile Websites are super easy to sell.

Like Google Places there are countless opportunities to sell these Local internet Marketing services while the market place is exploding and MOST of the businesses don’t have these essential marketing pieces in place.

If you would like to get the exact blueprint we use to sell hundreds of these services plus countless other Local Internet Marketing tips, tools and resources, then head over to Local Internet Marketing University for the complete Formula and Blueprint.


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