How to Get Clients with Facebook

How to Get Clients is the big one for all us Local internet marketers so I’ve put together some of our best Client Getting Strategies for you!how to get clients

In this post I’m sharing one of our very effective ways on How to get Clients with Facebook.

We all know how massive Facebook is and I’m here to tell you there are hundreds of HOT local marketing leads sitting there just waiting for you to uncover them.

In this How to Get Clients Video I show you the formula that we use and teach to get great results:


One thing to remember with this strategy is that we aren’t doing this to be a Facebook fan page designer or specialist (you can if you want to of course), this is a foot in the door or starter service to establish a marketing relationship with the business.

Once we have delivered some results for them we can upgrade and expand our services to many other profitable ones that I teach you in Local IM University

How to Get Clients is the Biggest hurdle for most Local internet marketers, but with the strategies I am teaching you there are no reasons you can’t land some great clients this month!

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