Serious WordPress Blog Security Flaw Alert!

We just got a message from one of our team members who’s client is reporting a Serious WordPress Security issue! Blog Security

This is a very nasty flaw and leaves most of us open to attack from hackers because of this Blog Security Flaw.

The culprit is a small script called Timthumb which re-sizes images in your WordPress blog for posts and pages etc.

This script allows hackers to get into your Timthumb folder and access your WordPress installation to wreak havoc on us poor unsuspecting WordPress users.


I’ve just checked 2 of my personal Blogs and found one of them to be under attack because I found 3 suspect PHP files that show this Blog has been compromised.

The great news is there is a way to easily scan your WordPress installation to see if you’ve been unlucky enough to get bit!

This is the Plugin that lets you scan your WordPress Blog:

Here’s the WordPress Security Tool I am using on EVERY WordPress Site now for all our clients!

Check it out Here: Code Locker

I would drop what you are doing and go find out if you’ve been hit or your clients have been hit with this if you’re a Local Internet Marketing consultant.


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