Google Places Optimization – How to Create a KML File

Not a lot of Internet marketing consultants know that you should add a KML file to your Clients website as part of your Google Places Optimization strategies.create a kml file

What is a KML File I hear you ask?

A KML file (Keyhole Markup language) file is a file that gives Google the exact location of a place such as your clients business.

A big part of our Google Places Optimization plan is to give Google exactly what they want and most of all make it EASY for them to get all the info they want.

By having this KML file in your clients website directory you are giving Google what they want and you’ll be rewarded for it.

You don’t need to know how this KML file works, only that you create it and upload to the root directory of your clients or your server.

Watch this Google Places Optimization video to see how I do it a simple way.


If you missed it in the video here is what I add to the end of the link to create the KML file.

At the very end of the link to the location that you insert into the address bar I add: &output=kml

Just make sure you’re at the very end of the address bar then add the text above and hit enter then you will get a KML file to download.

This is just one of MANY Google Places Optimization tricks we use to dominate Google Places listings.

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