Google Places Optimization Webinar

Google Places Optimization is changing so much these days that we are constantly looking at new more effective ways to get better Google Places Rankings.

Unfortunately you can’t just do the usual basics Google Places optimization such as the images and videos along with citations etc.

What a lot of local internet marketers don’t realize is how important it is to do specific Google Places optimization elements in the right sequence to maximize the effectiveness.

Google are changing their Algorithm continuously and we as Internet Marketing Consultants need to keep ahead of the curve if we want to Dominate Google Places listings for our clients!

In the following Webinar I am joined by (Chris) a Genuine SEO and local marketing “rock star” who puts most big names to shame.

What Chris has built will blow you away and totally transforms your Local Marketing business operations by creating a simple foolproof campaign builder that guarantees your Google Places optimization elements are superb!

Imagine being able to quickly view your campaign dashboard and instantly see the exact status of your Google Places campaigns, easily tracking what your outsource workers are up to with their Google Places optimization tasks.

With the combination of Local Internet Marketing University and Local Oxygen you will have a massive edge over all you competition and be able to scale your business beyond what you thought possible.

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