Why You Should Be Focusing on How Women Shop

Right now the biggest trend for shopping and buying habits is how the connected consumer shops.

By this of course I mean Women because many of us would know women make most of the buying decisions in the household (Just ask my Wife!).

As a local Internet marketing consultant I’m witnessing first hand the shift in shopping habits and just how fast the Mobile Web is taking over.

You see I mention my wife Katrina because she was never one to use her phone for anything much other than making calls… that was until she got her new 4G Samsung!

Here’s the thing that really got my attention.

Once she started using her Smart phone to access eBay and make purchases, her buying rate has gone up I would say 60-70% because of the convenience and not only that it has her on the desktop computer and Macbook Pro twice as much following up on items she has seen on her smart phone.

The important point here is if you or your clients sell to women (they’d be crazy not to), then get them on Mobile optimized sites and Facebook pages as fast as you can because you’ll be left behind in the smart local marketers wake!

This info graphic paints a great picture on this very subject!

the connected consumer

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