How to Get Clients With Google Search Stories

I came across a video the other day that they played at the Super Bowl which was one of Google’s ads for search marketing and I thought how cool would that be to use that style of video to send to potential local Internet marketing google-search-storiesclients.

So I did a quick search and found that Google has set up a service called Google search stories where you can actually create your own versions of these screen capture videos and it creates them automatically which is fantastic.

I’m always looking for faster and more efficient ways to do any of our daily routines and marketing tasks so that we can concentrate on the most important elements of our business which is getting new clients and growing the profits.

That’s what I love about Google search stories in the way we can quickly and effortlessly create some smart and catchy videos to get out potential local internet marketing clients attention because it only takes about 5-10 minutes to create this video.

Here’s a quick example that I threw together in about five minutes to show you what I mean.

I know you could do much better than the one I have here because this is simply to show it and demonstrate how cool this Google search stories facility is and I didn’t want to take much time at all to do it.


Here’s the proper link to Google Search Stories because they changed it a while ago and most links point to the Channel which is not the Creator!

My suggestion for making the most of this Google search stories tool, is to think about the sequence that someone who is frustrated and/or looking for a solution to help them with their local Internet marketing would logically think about this.

Any time you can standout from a crowd you’re going to get attention and rise above the noise and that’s why this approach can be very effective because you can imagine that not too many Internet marketing consultants are sending these videos to potential clients, so that leaves you as the one who will stand out.

Since these Google search stories videos only take a few minutes to create why not put together specific ones for individual clients where you actually type in their name or the business details and bring up their Google places listings for example to show them how far away from the from page they are!

You could also use the example videos showing poor reviews and other elements like that, but of course you don’t have control over the search results as they display when the videos created so you’ll have to test it out with a few different search terms to see what Google generates when they create the video.

One way that I’ve always found very effective and a great method to attract attention from potential local Internet marketing clients, is to send them different forms of media and medium such as different videos, e-mails, letters etc. and this is one way that you can have a different approach and something that’s a bit creative and stands out.

Make sure you leave some comments below because of love to hear exactly how you’re finding the process of creating these Google search stories for local Internet marketing clients and ask questions as well and I’m happy to come in and answer them and give you as many tips as I can to help you be more successful.

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