Google Places optimization – How to Get Double Review Stars

This Google Places Optimization tip is a neat little trick that will help you get extra attention to your Google places listing by getting double sets of average review stars.Google Places review-stars

The way we do this is by adding at least one customer testimonial to your clients website with the process that’s called hReview microformat.

Basically this review format is a code you can use to alert Google to the fact that there is a customer review on your website and to pay attention to it!
The IMPORTANT thing here is these Microformats are giving Google exactly what it wants and makes reading this super easy for Google.

As part of our Google places optimization series of these microformat codes are really important nowadays because it’s something that Google is looking for in the local search arena and not only that, the biggest advantage that I see with this is that it makes your clients Google places listing really pop out.

We are definitely seeing quite a boost in click through rates by having two sets of stars to draw customers eyes directly to your clients Google places listing.

Here is a quick video where I show you exactly how to do this and get double sets of average review stars.

In the video it you’ll notice that I mention two different ways that you can get these double sets of review stars by manually adding the code from …or

The other option that you can use if you’re using WordPress for your clients website is a simple and very cool little WordPress plug-in that allows you to add customer reviews to clients website or your own website and automatically inserts the correct microformat code.

I strongly recommend that you implement this Google places optimization strategy as quickly as possible on all sites that you can because not only does it mean that you can get effectively 10 stars on your Google places listing which will absolutely drive more customers to your clients websites and click-throughs.

This will also mean that when your clients website shows up organically those reviews Stars will be displayed on their search results.

This is a really important point and strategies for improving your clients credibility and reputation online because every time your clients website shows up in the search results customers will see the stars and they have a big influence these days in prompting someone to click on that listing even overcoming the fact that their results maybe further down the page!

You can check to see if the review format on your clients websites or your own websites is showing up correctly by going to this Google tool which checks on the rich snippets.

The local Internet marketing landscape is getting more competitive on a daily basis so everything that we can do to optimize our SEO, Google places and website traffic campaigns will make a difference at the end of the day for our clients potential profits.

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